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From Elegance to Ego: A Night at The Tower Fashion Eleganza

A celebrity's boast about his tuxedo price tag shattered the night's sophistication, revealing why true elegance thrives on quiet confidence, not the loudest label.

By Raja Izz

Picture: Bon Zainal menswear


I still remember, that moment at the The Tower Fashion Eleganza 2023 held at KL Tower, Malaysia. A black-tie night of exquisite gowns, sleek tuxedo, and an atmosphere that crackled with sophistication. At least, that's what I remember until a particular celebrity encounter.

As I mingled with the well-heeled crowd, a familiar face emerged. Let's call him Mr. A. Now, Mr. A is known for his talent in a local drama show, but on this night, the focus wasn't his craft. Instead, he took a rather perplexing turn.

In the midst of casual conversation, he made a point of mentioning the exorbitant cost of his tuxedo without being asked. "This tuxedo," he declared, gesturing at his attire, "set me back a cool RM10,000."

The air shifted. The conversation sputtered. Instead of sparking admiration, his boast created an awkward silence. It was a stark reminder that true elegance isn't about the price tag.

Why bragging breaches elegance

Elegance is a delicate dance. It thrives on subtlety. When you brag, the attention goes from your overall aura to the thing you're boasting about. The tuxedo, in this instance, became a status symbol rather than an ethos. Mr. A' brag not only detracted from his own presence but also created an uncomfortable situation for those around him.

Why elegance is not about price tag or popularity?

Unlike a superficial display or a hefty price tag, elegance thrives in a space beyond the superficiality. It's an enigma, an intriguing quality that whispers rather than shouts.

This mystique is precisely what makes elegance so captivating. It hints at a deeper story, a life well-lived, a lineage well honored, and experiences carefully collected. It's the tailored suit that drapes perfectly, not because of a famous designer, but because it reflects the ethos and upbringing of man who wears it. It's the understated confidence that comes from knowing you don't need to boast – your mannerism and good taste speaks volumes.

Picture: Bon Zainal menswear


Elegance thrives on mystery

Here's where the double-edged sword of the content creator or celebrities comes in. While influencers and style icons can inspire, the constant curation and brand association can strip away the very essence of elegance. Elegance thrives on a certain level of privacy, a personal expression that doesn't require constant public display or external approval.

So, how does a man cultivate this elusive quality? Here's the secret: elegance is about staying true to your heritage, finding what flatters your body and reflects your intellect. Invest in quality pieces that fit well and transcend fleeting fashions. Develop a signature style – impeccably fit attire, a subtle pocket square, no logo, not more than three color palette. Let these elements tell your story, not the labels.


Finally, confidence is the ultimate accessory. When you wear your clothes, not the other way around, you exude an effortless grace that speaks louder than any brand name. It's the quiet comfort in your own skin that allows the elegance to truly shine through.

Elegance ahead

The night at The Tower Fashion Eleganza could have been a masterclass in elegance. Instead, it served as a reminder that true sophistication lies in humility, appreciation, and understanding the black-tie etiquette. After all, a well-tailored suit speaks for itself, without needing a price tag to announce its arrival.

The next black-tie event, I hope, will be a celebration of true elegance, where the focus remains on the collective grace of the occasion, not the price tags.


Raja Izz

A recipient of "Gentlemen Style of the Year 2019" by Malaysia Fashion Week, Raja is on continuous quest in GC to capture the best of men's elegance, refinement, and sophistication, in Malaysia, and around the world.

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