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Are you a 'Poyo' or a Gentleman? A checklist

There are no wrong answers. But there are some very right ones...

By The Gentleman

We all know a 'Poyo' when we see one — of course we do. It’s in his hair, his shoes, his vibes, his outlook in life. He walks into the black-tie events  — like he’s owning the place.  

But by the time the 'poyo's up close and personal with you, it’s already too late. And if the man in question satisfies five or more of these criteria, you know just how far to run, and in which direction. 

(We have also included a checklist of the attributes of the modern gentleman. Tick off twenty five or above, and you’re probably on the right track. Probably.)


  1. Want to be known as "Mr Know All"

  2. Believes that 'he made it' if he is featured in a glossy high-society magazine   

  3. Must win at all cost   

  4. Overtly showing his success or wealth 

  5. Refer to himself as a gentleman

  6. Name-dropping     

  7. Thinking that success is measured by money or popularity

  8. Dress to get noticed

  9. Worry about gaining or losing in everything 

  10. Talk more rather than listen

  11. Obsessed with celebrities

  12. Ibiza

  13. New Gucci loafers

  14. Judge people based on their number of IG followers

  15. Love to show how successful he became

  16. Self-effacing TikTok videos which always somehow feature his abs

  17. Owns more than one Rolex

  18. Never offer to pay during date or friend's gathering

  19. Wearing white socks at work

  20. Matching tie & pocket square

  21. Hate the culture of excellence (elite) - education, manners, institution, peoples

  22. Serve only himself

  23. Put down on people publicly   

  24. Versace underwear       

  25. Boastful on his honorific (purchased) Title

  26. Take credit of other people's work

  27. Peacock

  28. AWOL after RSVP                                                           

The Gentleman

  1. Admire his father and his grandfather

  2. Consistently keep himself fit       

  3. Royal warrants

  4. Polo

  5. Exercise his intellect by reading history

  6. Would never seriously refer to himself as a gentleman

  7. Committed to develop his bloodline to be a much better version than himself

  8. Not worries about personal fame and gain, but worries about the entire world

  9. Harvard Kennedy School 

  10. Find value in something according to its history and its story        

  11. Putting others first

  12. Praise his friends publicly       

  13. Admit that he is not perfect

  14. Value the mistakes of the past

  15. Has said “I don’t know” within the past calendar year

  16. Helping the helpless

  17. Know how to tie a tie

  18. Believe success is measured by legacy and how he touched the lives of people

  19. Noblesse Oblige

  20. Dress to honor the host

  21. Half-canvas suit made from natural fabrics (wool, cashmere)

  22. An excellent listener, let the people do 80% of the talking       

  23. Continually strives to improve oneself

  24. Goodyear-welted construction shoes

  25. Taking full responsibility of everything

  26. Never slap his partner / wife

  27. Understand the burden of being a man

  28. Does not follow fashion 

  29. Sharp and clean style, no room for too many effects

  30. Open the car door for her

  31. Nice sheets

  32. Eton college

  33. Serve all, but love only one

  34. Obsessed with continuous improvements (learning, benchmarking, refinement)

  35. Realizes that more is achieved through failure than through success    

  36. Treat her spouse / partner like a princess

  37. Committed to nation-building

  38. Respect and defend his heritage

  39. Reluctant to lead      

  40. Nonchalant

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