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Up Close & Personal: Antoin Commane

A conversation with the maverick behind 'Don’t Die Wondering' - The Secret Weapon For The World’s Top Influencers.

By GC Editor

The 'New Normal' sees almost the entire world been confined to digital screens and streams. It saw millions taking part in online education, workplaces, gaming, dating, wellness and even travel. And the centre of it all? The online pioneers - the influencers. The influencers and key opinion leaders seek to engage the services of other digital-first collectives, societies and tools to hone their craft, create partnerships and unlock access to conversations, events and engagements. In return, they created immeasurable digital value never before seen accessible to the society.

Antoin Commane is an Irish-English entrepreneur and investor based in New York and London - he’s been featured in the Evening Standard, BBC News, The Times, Tatler magazine, among other press for his entrepreneurial ventures. Antoin started his entrepreneurial journey at a young age leaving school at 16 to create a web hosting company that he later sold.

Shortly after, Antoin ventured into the nightlife business launching nightclubs in London’s exclusive Kensington; famed for Prince Harry, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Billy Zane, Rita Ora and Ed Westwick, among many others frequenting his venues and international gossip columns followed their escapades in the clubs every week.

These endeavors evolved into Don’t Die Wondering (dontdiewondering.com), or DDW – as it is affectionately known by its members, an exclusive digital member’s club and luxury online magazine for high net-worths and influencers covering an underground scene of events and parties in music, film, art and fashion.

Generally secretive to those on the outside of this discreet private society, DDW grants those in its ranks rarefied access to London and New York’s most coveted PR and luxury brand events gracing the glossy pages of the world’s best magazines and newspapers. A-list events like Fashion Week, BAFTA, The Brit Awards, red carpet Film Premieres and Frieze Art Fair. 

Gentleman's Code Magazine spoke to Antoin to gain insights on his business DDW, and his definition of luxury.

What drives you to create Don’t Die Wondering (DDW) Magazine and DDW Society?

In life, it is difficult to make authentic friendships no matter how wide your circle is and how many acquaintances you may have. It is rare to find a group that is like-minded, achieving great things that are also genuine in their intentions and hold themself to the highest philosophical moral character.

In the end, we are just the average of the 5 people we most associate with; we earn the average income, have the average life and date the average of our peer groups. We created DDW as a society that vettes its members to the highest standard and empowers high achievers to live their best life and make the most of opportunities in unique settings with other exciting and interesting people.

Can you provide us some insights regarding DDW society?

Our members are creatives, actors, models, top scientists, authors, public speakers, entrepreneurs, even billionaires. It's an interesting group of people from all walks of life that share common ambition and values. Our members seek and engage in only the best of life, we introduced them to rarefied circles where they thrive.

Every day in London and New York there are these underground parties and events for the upper echelons, this is the world of DDW. Although many of these happenings end up glossing the pages of top tier luxury magazines and press, very few get to attend. In face, most are unknown in secret pop-up locations and thrown by luxury brands looking to activate their products with their consumer demographic. To attend these events... to even know about them... you've typically needed a publicist or you have to be within this world for event hosts to invite you. DDW with it's insider network provides unprecedented intel and access.

What is the most exciting experience in your journey in creating DDW?

Ultimately it's about human connection. Yes having a great time is part of it but achieving dreams and aspirations that's the exciting part. If people can grow and connect with others in a way they see value for me it makes our efforts in this venture worthwhile.

What is next for DDW Magazine and DDW Society?

Our membership society has annual membership fees starting at $5,000 (RM21,400) which we understand may seem expensive for most people - however the price really isn’t even close to the value members receive; access to mostly complimentary PR events happening every day (with their tickets, drinks and in some cases even transport to the event all covered) along with a host of other perks and benefits.  

Our members see the value and understand how rare the opportunity is; this is why 350 members in our London branch alone have stayed with us throughout the pandemic. We are very fortunate to have a loyal membership. 

Nevertheless, we understand that for most people especially starting out in their careers $5,000 (RM21,400) can seem like a lot of money. To serve the burgeoning demand from potential members that are earlier in their journey, we are launching a premium print physical magazine which will be available at a low cost. We see this as an exciting way for future full members to experience the world of Don't Die Wondering in fashion, music, art, film and society. Pre-sales of our limited edition debut issue will be going live next month.


Glamour and grandeur are the codes of landed gentry and multi-generational aristocracy. What is your idea of luxury in modern society?

People are more versatile these days. Whether it's a record label gig in Shoreditch for 50 VIPs and a meet and greet with the artist, or a learn and play polo event…. people value rare experiences over all. Belonging to a tribe, meeting new people ... and doing so with style is the true modern luxury.

Share with us your most unforgettable A-list event that you hosted. Why was it having an everlasting experience to you?

Gosh, there have been so many, I don't think there is a particular one. DDW hosted an event at the this years Oscar’s in Los Angeles and we had a visit from Leonardo di Caprio along with some other great stars I admire. That was pretty special. 

On a different note - I never went to university but I did go on a number of occasions to visit friends at Oxford for their famous black tie balls. Although this obviously wasn’t a DDW event, the experience was amazing. To be a student within history that goes back 1,000 years, even for a moment…. That's an experience I value. What is life if not to experience dreams and that is the yarn we’re weaving DDW out of. 

One of the qualities of a Gentleman is the ability to charm a woman and make her feel important. What is the secret of winning a woman? 

Speak to her heart, move her, understand her and listen. But also be the man . 

What do you like about New York and London that are not found anywhere else in the world? 

Parties of course; The good life - They're both very similar in a lot of ways. 

The Gentleman described by Gentleman’s Code Magazine is the renaissance man, a traveller, a citizen of the world: is there a journey that more than others enriched you or changed you in some way?
To be honest yes I'm well travelled, however only in recent years have I come to discover meditation which allows me to go within, this is where you discover the true meaning of what all the ancient philosophers meant by Know Thyself. Once you have the answer to that, once you have found your truth, everything will become clear. 

At Gentleman's Code Magazine we are convinced that there are some definite codes that a Gentleman follows by nature. What is the first rule for a gentleman, according to you?
Polite. Do what you say you're going to do. Make your word your bond. Do the right thing (always - especially no one is looking). Dress impeccably.

Photo credit: @antoin

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