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About GC

For over 5 years, GC has been an internationally respected and nationally recognized luxury lifestyle platform for men to living the classy and elegant life. It is geared towards sophisticated, modern men who value style, substance, and refinement.

In addition to its digital platform, GC also hosts events and experiences, such as black-tie, networking opportunities, and gentlemen's night, that offer the community a chance to connect with like-minded individuals.

Overall, GC aims to provide a trusted and comprehensive resource for men who aspire to live a life of excellence and distinction. Whether you're looking for elegant advice, travel inspiration, or tips on how to live your best life, GC has something for you.

Meet our Founders

Bon Zainal (Co-Founder)

Bon Zainal is a Terengganu-born-Kuala Lumpur-based fashion figure with one global ambition. The Founder of Malaysian Bumiputra Designer Association (MBDA) and Co-Chairman of Malaysia Fashion Week, Bon is widely recognised for almost single handedly reintroducing the sharply-dressed gentlemen culture back into our fashion scene since he created his label in 1995.

​He has dressed many Heads of States, Organisation Leaders, Ministers and CEOs earning him the crown of Malaysia’s King of Menswear.

With over two decades of experience in the industry, Bon Zainal has many accolades and awards under his belt, which include the Mercedes-Benz STYLO Fashion Awards 'Designer of the Year 2014' and the Mercedes-Benz STYLO Fashion Awards 'Best Designer Showcase 2015,' hosted by MATRADE.

Bon studied at the prestigious Victoria Institution, and graduated from the School of Fashion & Merchandising in Los Angeles, United States. He was also an adjunct lecturer to MSU’s Fashion Marketing & Special Project and Industrial Advisory Board for Inti College.

Bon is currently living in Kuala Lumpur and continues to pursue his passion to eleganise Malaysian gentlemen.

YM Raja Izz (Co-Founder)

Born and raised in Petaling Jaya, Raja is a corporate strategist by qualification and a thought leader for GC.

He is recognised by many as among Malaysian most influential change advocators for gentlemen way of life, with GC continue to receive numerous awards and recognitions, such as the 10 world's best men's magazine to follow in 2023 by Feedspot and the most influential platform in Malaysia for the "old-money aesthetic" man by Google Bard Artificial Intelligence.

He studied at Bukit Bintang Boys Secondary School, completed his MBA (International Business) from Putra Business School and recently completed Strategy Certificate from Harvard Business School Online.


"It is clear that GC has established itself as a leading voice in promoting the culture of man of class in Malaysia, and has the potential to shape and influence cultural norms and attitudes around masculinity and personal presentation".

ChatGPT AI (March 2023)

"Gentleman's Code magazine is a true champion of the old-money aesthetic. It has helped to make it more popular in Malaysia and has inspired many young men to dress and behave in a more sophisticated manner".

Google Bard AI (May 2023)

"Gentleman's Codes has timely and relevant posts, which I find relevant and worthwhile. The site does focus more on lifestyle, but that’s refreshing and different. The site originates in Malaysia, which I find fascinating, as it offers a unique cultural context on traditional values…and the latest fashions. Please feel free to visit and browse. It’s inspiring to know that what we hold dear here is also being preserved and promoted around the world."

Mr. Byron Tully - Author of "The Old Money Book", "The Old Money Guide To Marriage", "Old Money, New Woman: How To Manage Your Money and Your Life", and "Old Money Style - The Gentleman's Edition". (May 2023)

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