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An Elegant Affair: Dada Luxury Revelation Soirée

GC reports back from an evening spent in The Estate KL, as host Dada Herzog Al-Attas raised the bar on haute couture, artworks, and theatrical performance.

By Raja Izz


If you happened to have glanced upon our shenanigans on social media recently you would have seen that we were in The Estate KL, Damansara for Dada Luxury Revelation Soirée. We were blessed as the heavy, hard-hitting rain stopped just before the event was about to start.

GC was present in Damansara in two capacities. Firstly, as a media partner of the event. And secondly, as a closed friend to Dada Herzog Al-Attas, who also happen to be GC's Contributing Editor. As brand positioning goes for Dada Luxury, it could not be more perfect as the synergies between the male elegance of GC and Dada's newly launched label "Lady of Leisure" are overwhelmingly obvious. GC is the leading men's platform in Malaysia for the "old-money aesthetic men", while Dada's education, upbringing and exposure molded her to drive the concept of lady in Malaysia with panache and finesse.

The Estate KL, perched at the top of a sharp faced cliff overseeing the skyline of Kuala Lumpur, we felt as if it should be in The Palazzo Cardenza, as it appeared in James Bond Spectre film. It evokes an old-world elegance. We were then given a further introduction to "Lady of Leisure" passport, a concept of an elite club with curated luxury lifestyle experience for the community, according to the event coordinator. How interesting!

As I stepped onto my table, a symphony of artworks and live classical music embraced us, instantly setting the tone for an unforgettable evening. The air was filled with an aura of sophistication, as laughter and conversations danced in harmony. This feeling is like when I was in Athens National Archaeological Museum, listening to the Greek classical music surrounded by the statues of "Greek mythology Gods".

1. The ever impeccably-dressed Dada Herzog Al-Attas

2. Daryl, persuasive as ever as an Emcee for the night

My friend, Daryl was the emcee for the event. As expected, he carried himself impeccably, further praising Dada Herzog Al-Attas for the custom-made green suit with crocodile-skin pattern. "Tonight, I'm a buaya". He said, as everyone laughed.

Mosyuki Borhan, a Malaysia writer, poet, and artist, then performed a poetry dedicated to the guest of honor, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and his wife, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah. To be honest, I am almost cried upon hearing the gentle poem and the message that Mosyuki imparted primarily to the couple, and the audience.

1. Guest of honor, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and his wife, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah

2. Mosyuki Borhan, a Malaysia writer, poet, and artist, then performed a poetry

Later that evening, it was at this point that Dada Herzog Al-Attas announced the launch of its debut collection, Cinta. The Malay word for love inspires the Cinta collection, and it reflects the brand’s ethos of creating pieces that evoke emotion and inspire women to express their individuality.

My mind was blown away upon seeing the collection, rich with a luxurious fabrics and intricate designs, all of which are handcrafted in Malaysia. Emcee Deryl informed that the Lady of Leisure collection celebrates the various stages of a relationship but also encapsulates Dada's personal growth and passion for her heritage.

Marsha Milan

Marsha Milan then took command, singing "Cinta" song. Goosebumps! I liked how she elegantly transitioned her lower to high pitch. Marsha is like a class on her own with her outstanding vocals and custom-made white gown by Lady of Leisure.

The energetic SonaOne (suit: Lord of Leisure)

Afterwards, Malaysian singer-songwriter SonaOne took the stage with his great energy and charisma. It was a reminder of local talent that has what it takes to shine on a global level. SonaOne is a truly gifted artist.

As the hours unfolded, we found ourselves lost in the company of kindred spirits, forming connections that felt as though we were woven by destiny.

After dessert, we all left our tables and gathered outside for the lucky draw and media interview. I can feel it was very emotional for Dada Herzog Al-Attas and her team, as the pursuit of organizing a soirée of such magnitude is the direct result of months of hard work, dedication, and passion.

A perfect end to an unforgettable night, was clear that everyone was now in possession of a truly special memory, one that came to a dramatic climax with a 5-minute "Firefly" song by SonaOne alongside all the models parading the place for a perfect conclusion.

The camaraderie

This soiree was not just an event; it was a magic of human connection and the artistry of creating memories that will forever adorn the tapestry of our hearts.

Congratulations, Dada. You have demonstrated your tremendous potential to reimagine the clothes of Camelot in Malaysia, and in return, fulfill your destiny as a cultural shaper, and a fashion designer.


A recipient of "Gentlemen Style of the Year 2019" by Malaysia Fashion Week, GC Co-Founder Raja is on continuous quest to capture the best of men's elegance, refinement, and sophistication, in Malaysia, and around the world. Raja regularly contributes to GC, which has been listed by Feedspot as as the 10 world's best men's magazine to follow in 2023, and the most influential platform in Malaysia for the old-money aesthetic man by Google Bard Artificial Intelligence.

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