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Lady of Leisure Debuts Cinta Collection

Dada Herzog Al-Attas launched a new luxury fashion line celebrating the beauty and power of Love.

By Style Editor

Lady of Leisure, a new luxury fashion brand celebrating the beauty and power of women, on 28 August 2023 announced the launch of its debut collection, Cinta. The Malay word for love inspires the Cinta collection, and it reflects the brand’s ethos of creating pieces that evoke emotion and inspire women to express their individuality.

The collection features a range of luxurious fabrics and intricate designs, all of which are handcrafted in Malaysia. Dada’s journey throughout the creation of the Cinta collection has been a labour of love, yielding an array of clothing that not only celebrates the various stages of a relationship but also encapsulates her personal growth and passion for her heritage.

In addition to the inspiration, she drew from her personal experiences, Dada’s grandmother also had a significant impact on shaping her values and perspective. The stunning and remarkable lady that she was served as an inspiration for the designs within the Cinta collection. Each piece was crafted with attention to detail, reflecting the elegance and grace she exemplified.

The strengths her grandmother possessed, particularly her kindness, were translated into the collection as well. Pieces that symbolize and evoke compassion, empathy, and love are integral to the designs. The intention is to create accessories that harness the power of love and remind wearers of the importance of kindness and warmth in their interactions with others.

Moreover, her grandmother’s teachings about the importance of dressing up and self-love are central to the Cinta collection’s direction. The pieces embody a sense of self-expression, encouraging wearers to embrace their individuality and celebrate their unique style. These designs will serve as a reminder to prioritize self-love, empowering individuals to feel confident, beautiful, and deserving of love in all aspects of their lives.

By dedicating the collection to her phenomenal grandmother, Lady of Leisure aims to create a meaningful and personal experience for wearers. It will be a tribute to the values she cherished and passed down to Dada, providing a tangible way to carry her wisdom, love, and guidance with her wherever she goes.

I wanted to create a collection that would capture the essence of love in all its forms. The Cinta collection is a journey through the different stages of love, from the initial spark of passion to the deep, enduring bond that sustains a relationship.

Dada Herzog Al-Attas, founder of Lady of Leisure

Lady of Leisure's Cinta Collection

The Cinta Collection

The collection is divided into three chapters: Passion, Intimacy, and Devotion. The Passion chapter features pieces that are bold and exquisite, perfect for capturing the initial spark of attraction. The Intimacy chapter features more sensual and intimate pieces, perfect for celebrating a relationship’s closeness. The Devotion chapter features pieces that are timeless and elegant, perfect for expressing the enduring bond of love.

Aside from the exploration of love, the Cinta direction of the collection underlines the value of devotion. The Cinta collection showcases the concept of loyalty through designs that incorporate symbols of connection and fidelity, such as interlocking motifs or entwined elements that represent the unbreakable bond between individuals.

The Cinta direction also celebrates the importance of remembering one's roots. It acknowledges the power of staying connected to one's heritage, culture, and origins. The collection may feature elements that pay tribute to traditional art, craftsmanship, or indigenous symbols, reminding wearers to embrace their cultural identity and honour its influence on their journey of love.

Each piece in the Cinta collection is fashioned to cultivate deeper bonds and foster a greater appreciation for one’s personal history and the love that shapes our lives.

Visit Lady of Leisure's Instagram page @ladyofleisure.my or https://dada.luxury/ to see the Cinta collection. Send an email to contact@ladyofleisure.my to schedule an appointment for exclusive made-to-measure pieces.

The Lord of Leisure collection

About Lady of Leisure

Lady of Leisure is a part of the distinguished Dada Luxury brand and is under Alattas Holding AG. Lady of Leisure celebrates the beauty and power of women. The brand was founded by Dada Herzog Al-Attas, who wanted to create a collection that would evoke emotion and inspire women to express their individuality.

Lady of Leisure’s designs are inspired by the latest trends, but they are also timeless and classic. The Cinta collection features exquisite one-of-a-kind pieces made from the finest materials. These pieces are designed to be elegant and timeless, and they will complement any woman who wears them.

The Cinta collection is the brand’s first collection, and it features a wide range of pieces that are designed to capture the essence of love in all its forms

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