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Harrow – A Very British School

Seeking out the best education possible for yourself and your children, beginning as early as possible, and to continue learning throughout life, is vital.

Article contribution by Byron Tully

Photo: Harrow alumni Y.M. Tunku Mac Bakar © Tatler Asia

In The Old Money Book, I emphasize the importance of education as a key element in the creation and preservation of wealth. More importantly, it’s a major contributor to one’s overall quality of life. Seeking out the best education possible for yourself and your children, beginning as early as possible, and to continue learning throughout life, is vital. Don’t argue with me. (Wink, nod.)

Universities in the northeast of the United States, Ivy League schools among them, are preferred because of their rigorous academics, strong traditions, and culture of excellence. Parents should consider local private schools in their areas if their American public schools are lacking. Catholic prep schools are a viable option.

Many private prep schools in America reflect many of the traditions and characteristics of what are called public schools in England, the most well-known of which are Eton, Harrow, Radley, Sherborne, and Winchester. To be sure, the are populated with scions of Old Money, but times are changing, even as these institutions hold fast to their traditions and standards.

Photo: Harrow Alumni Y.A.M. Tunku Naquiyuddin and Y.M. Tunku Mohamed Alauddin © Pharma Boardroom

A recent documentary entitled Harrow: A Very British School, followed a group of students and their teachers for a year. I found it informative, entertaining, and thought-provoking.

How much of this model could we introduce to public schools in America? And how much benefit would the students derive? Some, and a lot, were my conclusions.

Harrow alumni include a gaggle of prime ministers, as well as legendary poet Lord Byron and Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch, but it’s watching these students–and learning about them as they learn about life–that steals the show.

Photo: Benedict Cumberbatch © Getty

About Byron Tully (right)

Grandson of a newspaper publisher and son of an oil industry executive, Byron Tully is an author who also writes for the entertainment industry. His nonfiction debut, "The Old Money Book," was published in April of 2013 to excellent reviews and enjoys consistently strong sales worldwide. His other works include "The Old Money Guide To Marriage", "Old Money, New Woman: How To Manage Your Money and Your Life", and "Old Money Style - The Gentleman's Edition".

Byron regularly contributes to its blog, www.theoldmoneybook.com, which has been visited by over 1 million readers since 2014.

In February of 2020, "Old Money Style - The Gentleman's Edition" was published by Acorn Street Press. This fourth book in the Old Money series reveals the fundamentals of dressing well in a classic and timeless style. In November of 2020, Byron published a 2nd Edition of "The Old Money Book", which expands on his original classic. This 2nd Edition includes vital information and insights for readers as they navigate a very different, post-pandemic world.

Byron speaks frequently about the culture and values of Old Money. He has been interviewed by KABC New York's Financial Quarterback Show, The Huffington Post, and The Simple Dollar, among others.

He lives in Paris and is happily married to an Old Money Gal from Boston.

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