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Roger Dubuis ignites its tourbillon craftsmanship by introducing the Excalibur Dragon Monotourbillon

Roger Dubuis welcomes the Lunar New Year with the Excalibur Dragon Monotourbillon, a timepiece that embodies the strength and power associated with the Year of the Dragon.

By Lifestyle Editor

Pictures Courtesy of Roger Dubuis

At the golden dawn of the Lunar New Year, Roger Dubuis ignites its tourbillon craftsmanship once more, delivering a bold flourish of creativity inspired by the Year of the Dragon. This legendary sign of the zodiac places strength in the ascendance and transforms time into an era of great power.

An emphatic moment to introduce the Excalibur Dragon Monotourbillon.

Just as the dragon is believed to rule the motions of water, Roger Dubuis has unleashed its own waves of watchmaking innovation, delivered through a design of emblematic freedom. From the aesthetics to the performance, this is a timepiece where expression takes over, and where the Maison’s unrestrained spirit is most beautifully brought to life.

Follow the dance, as we reveal complexity, artistry, and symbolism all in one Hyper Horology™ unveiling.

Awakening the Dragon

The Excalibur Dragon Monotourbillon is a tribute to the Lunar New Year and encompasses the renowned Dragon traits of intelligence, charisma, and confidence. This has been achieved by depicting the fearless creature with an assured conceptual rhythm, leaving room for interpretation, and inviting the wearer to set their imagination free.

While the previous Excalibur Dragon released in 2020 delivered a true resemblance of the dragon’s mythical form, this new Monotourbillon takes a more abstract approach. After all, nothing in life is ever absolute!

With its usual commitment to excellence, Roger Dubuis has skilfully crafted the dragon using 27 individual pieces of brass – each embellished with black lacquer on the sides and a pink gold treatment on the polished top surface. In typically inventive style, the pieces are set on 25 different levels, producing a 3D vision that is full of volume and vitality.

Turn the watch over and the same flowing dragon appears – this time metallised on the inside of the caseback’s sapphire crystal. Precisely matching the view from the front, this stunning addition gives the dragon full power, no matter which side you are looking from.

A Calibre of Complexity

While the dragon reigns supreme in the aesthetics of this timepiece, Roger Dubuis has coupled the design with the authority of its Monotourbillon Calibre RD512SQ.

Invented in 1801 to compensate the effects of gravitational force, the tourbillon remains one of the most complex challenges in watchmaking. Still today, it is a true expression of horological art, with only a few skilled craftsmen able to build its intricate cage, containing the balance, spring, and escapement all inside.

As you might expect, Roger Dubuis has approached this famous mechanism in its own unique way – by displaying its signature monotourbillon within a skeletonized movement. Naturally, this makes the craftsmanship far more difficult to achieve, and requires dedicated skills that the Maison has sublimely mastered.

Even the way that Roger Dubuis makes skeletonized movements is more complicated than most. Since 2008, the Maison has been reinventing the craft by using skeletonization as a starting point of each design – rather than a consequence of it. This means even when carrying high complications like the tourbillon, the calibres are noticeable for their lightness and purity.

Reaching that result demands harmony across the entire integrated manufacture. All of the watchmakers and designers must work in perfect alignment, playing to each other’s strengths while understanding each other’s needs. It’s a balance of technical prowess and aesthetic excellence that requires coordinated teamwork in every detail.

Secondly, skeletonization also requires more time. To reduce the material inside the calibre, more hours of milling are needed, and more facetted surfaces are therefore produced, leading to even more hours for decoration. All this to give the watch its pure and uncluttered display and to give the designers more freedom to play with the watch’s aesthetics.

Finally, it is fascinating to note that Roger Dubuis only makes Flying Tourbillons. Unlike traditional versions, the Flying Tourbillon is only mounted on one side, with no supporting bridge on top. Again, more beautiful to look at, yet more difficult to create, because stability must be guaranteed. A challenge that the Geneva watchmaker has successfully achieved through a high-performing Flying Tourbillon built from 63 components.

The ultimate reward for this dynamic skeletonized approach is the Poinçon de Genève certification, one of the most demanding signatures in fine watchmaking. Along with provenance and reliability, it sets the benchmark for quality craftsmanship, whereby every component of the watch must be hand-decorated to the highest standard. In the RD512SQ Calibre, this philosophy of flawless and

unique design can be seen across the sandblasted top surfaces, applied next to expertly polished angles.

The Wisdom of Materials

To master the forces surrounding the watch, the RD512SQ Calibre includes a lower tourbillon cage in non-magnetic titanium – twice lighter than stainless steel. Going even further, the upper tourbillon cage is produced in mirror-polished Cobalt Chrome – also non-magnetic – which enables the weight of the tourbillon to be reduced by 16%. As a result, the calibre shows a greater resistance to magnetic fields, while the power reserve is radically optimised to 72 hours.

Sitting on the wrist, the 42 mm case of the watch is built from pink gold and is mounted with a robust brass flange, which itself has been given a pink gold galvanic treatment, along with indexes filled with black Super-LumiNova™.

For the black calf-skin leather strap, personal style is set free thanks to the versatile quick release system, which enables the strap to be switched in seconds.

Elaborate in Every Way

The Year of the Dragon arrives only once every 12 years. It is a rarity in a lifetime and a moment that deserves a timepiece befitting of its stature.

Limited to just 28 pieces, the Excalibur Dragon Monotourbillon is Roger Dubuis’ powerful and unrivalled tribute to this auspicious occasion. It delivers an elaborate and inspiring vision of the mighty dragon, while furnishing the wearer with the finest example of modern tourbillon design.

A skilfully balanced creation, whereby performance and beauty are masterfully entwined.

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