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ZEGNA launches the new Triple Stitch™ Vetta

Global leader of luxury menswear ZEGNA announces the launch of the Triple Stitch Vetta: an outdoor-inspired evolution of the house’s iconic Triple Stitch Luxury Leisurewear Shoe.

By Style Editor

Photos courtesy of ZEGNA

After two years of research and development, ZEGNA launches the Triple Stitch™ Vetta: an evolution of the house’s signature Triple Stitch™ Luxury Leisurewear Shoe inspired by the mountains and trails of Oasi Zegna – the home of ZEGNA’s values in the Alps. A hybrid between hiking and sporting styles, the Vetta is named after the Italian for ‘peak’, and results from a vision of the Italian house to create a winter shoe that combines practicality and style. Hallmarked with a trio of crosses inspired by the handmade stitches found on the brand’s tailoring, the Triple Stitch™ Vetta features a reinforced heel loop, enhanced cushioning and a Vibram® Arctic Grip™ sole which provides increased traction in icy conditions.

The Triple Stitch™ Vetta strikes the perfect balance between urban style and technical functionality, making it suitable for both activities in the city and exploring outdoors. The winterready footwear is a truly versatile addition to the modern wardrobe, grounding a dynamic selection of sophisticated everyday outfits. Its robust construction and comfortable fit offers stability and support while tackling the cold season in elevated style, ready for rugged mountain trails and beyond.

A centrepiece of ZEGNA’s Luxury Leisurewear wardrobe since its introduction, the Triple Stitch™ Shoe reflects the brand’s focus on catering to the needs of modern lifestyles. Designed by Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori, Luxury Leisurewear sees traditional craftsmanship meet modern practicality, making the wardrobe ideal for any occasion. Designed to be worn anytime and anywhere, the Triple Stitch™ Shoe is celebrated for its lightness, softness and remarkably flexible construction.

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