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ZEGNA’s Triple Stitch SECONDSKIN shoe dominating the skies with ‘Airplane Mode’ campaign

Already the most-worn shoe on private jets by the likes of Apple CEO Tim Cook, the Triple Stitch SECONDSKIN’s ‘Airplane Mode’ campaign reaffirms the style status as an essential staple in the wardrobes of front-running modern men.

By Style Editor

Photos courtesy of ZEGNA

Global luxury menswear leader ZEGNA celebrates the launch of the new Triple Stitch SECONDSKIN - a shoe that fits like a glove.

The centrepiece of ZEGNA’s modern wardrobe since its introduction, the Triple Stitch reflects the changing needs of contemporary lifestyles and is celebrated for its softness, lightweight and remarkably flexible sole.

Originally developed for glove making, the serendipitous discovery of SECONDSKIN’s application to footwear could only have been made at ZEGNA, where generations of artisans collaborate in an environment defined by innovation, experience and the sharing of wisdom.

ZEGNA is a custodian of an ancient art where innovation meets tradition. Human experience remains at the core of every creation: even in the brand’s meticulous research, which blends the virtual and real to alchemic effect.

The Triple Stitch SECONDSKIN results from a harmonious balance between design and craftsmanship — between innovation and tradition.

SECONDSKIN had its genesis in audacious intuition: using glove leather to craft a shoe. A daring concept that proved immensely successful, the resulting Triple Stitch SECONDSKIN fits like a glove — embodying the pinnacle of luxury itself.

Crafting this masterpiece demanded meticulous research and an unwavering commitment to fuse fit and functionality with leather of the highest quality. To accomplish this, new technical feats had to be attained. The main challenge lay in enhancing a style that had to be completely deconstructed to offer the second skin sensation. This was achieved by incorporating a new lightweight toe counter, Strobel insole and impeccably fine lining.

Each pair of Triple Stitch SECONDSKIN is a masterpiece. Expertly made in Italy by artisans, SECONDSKIN combines the finest New Zealand calf leather with ovine tanning techniques, resulting in an exceptionally soft and lightweight material with a remarkable form-retaining ‘memory’. Resistant to creasing and able to preserve its rich quality and smoothness over time, SECONDSKIN provides an increasingly personalised fit for wearers with every journey taken — making it ideal for crafting ZEGNA’s iconic Triple Stitch Shoes and Luxury Leisurewear wardrobe.

Along with meticulous craMsmanship at its factory in Parma, Italy, SECONDSKIN elevates ZEGNA’s iconic Triple Stitch Shoe to new heights. At the heart of ZEGNA’s tradition of expert Italian shoemaking, there are numbers that transcend the realm of mere mathematics. Every step, stitch and millimetre of leather becomes a note in a symphony of elite craftsmanship:

- 0.8mm: the thickness of SECONDSKIN in millimetres, the finest leather in the luxury shoe market.

- 68: the components required to create each shoe, demonstrating ZEGNA’s meticulous craftsmanship.

- 13: the artisans involved in crafting each pair. Every person matters in ZEGNA’s traditional approach to craftsmanship.

- 12: the months of training to become a master artisan. Becoming a ZEGNA artisan requires unwavering dedication.

Exclusive to ZEGNA for the next three years, SECONDSKIN is a unique proposition for the luxury footwear market and for the next generation of leaders seen frequently wearing the iconic Triple Stitch.

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