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Valentino Black Tie inspires Thailand Artiste, Jeff Satur’s first original English track

Black Tie - conventionally a dress code and symbol of masculine power.  

By Style Editor

Photos courtesy of Valentino

Maison Valentino is pleased to announce its support for the launch Jeff Satur’s first  original English track inspired by the Valentino Black Tie collection. Titled ‘Black Tie’-- a perfect symbiosis of  fashion and music. 

Black Tie. Conventionally a dress code and symbol of masculine power.  

The collection challenges one to break the convention, the idea of uniformity – a uniform that exalts humanity  and individuality, resignifying and amplifying the codes of the Maison. 

Working with the same approach but through music, Thai Artiste, Jeff Satur makes a powerful statement with  ‘Black Tie’. He inspires audiences to subvert the very meaning of a Tie; a societal tool of conformity, an emblem  of restriction and rules, the perception is reconsidered and lends itself the case for emancipation. Limitation  can free. 

In occasion of the official ‘Black Tie’ music video, Jeff Satur wore two custom made Maison Valentino looks that  perfectly embody the world of values of Maison Valentino and Pierpaolo Piccioli who perceives identity as an  essential element of his creative process. 

Jeff is a musical and creative inspiration who stands for the values of the next generation that speak of self expression, creativity, and an unwavering passion for craft. With this identity and through his music, he  inspires the younger audience to do the same in his own spontaneous way.  

The talent wore two key runway looks from the Valentino Black Tie collection and two custom made Maison  Valentino looks specially designed for him by Creative Director, Pierpaolo Piccioli. 

• A black and white chevron caban with allover feather embroidery details and with “JEFF SATUR”  embroidered in dark sequins on the back, paired with a pair of silk pants. The look makes a powerful  statement with a custom ValenTie, embroidered with his initials “JS” 

• A Maison signature red silk faille gown worn with a ton-sur-ton red tie over silk shorts and the  feathered Valentino Garavani Rockstud M-Way boot. 

Dancers were also dressed in the iconic oversized Valentino V-Romask from the Valentino eyewear collection. 

Music has played a central role in the Maison’s vision. Deepening the collection through music, enlivening vocal  talent through stunning visuals. The world of music is abundant, transformative, and universal as is the FW23  Valentino Black Tie collection, freeing and open to interpretation, cementing itself as a new contemporary and iconic dress code.  


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