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The Suits of Harvey Specter

The combination of strong personalities and elegant appearances is what makes Harvey Specter an amazing character. We revealed how to emulate Specter's style.

By Shakir Yusop 

Harvey Reginald Specter is a fictional character – played by the actor Gabriel Macht – from the American legal drama, ‘Suits’, which ran for nine seasons from 2011-2019. Harvey is a senior partner (later named partner and managing partner) at one of the best law firms in Manhattan in which he and his associate/team focused on legal cases and proceedings.

Unsurprisingly, the daily uniform of Mr. Specter is a well-fitted suit that is as sharp as his wit and is pleasing to the eyes. The suits of Harvey Specter have been the subject of online discussion throughout the years, as he remains one the most impeccable suit wearer in the history of modern television. This article is another celebration of his suits in which we will mention the compilation of texts from major online sources that have discussed Harvey Specter’s suits, and how to emulate his sense of style.

Harvey wearing a navy-blue, three-piece suit. Notice that the necktie is showing a dimple, a style that is gaining traction among the better dressed modern gentlemen. Netflix – Season 6, Episode 14.

A different website, ‘Gentleman’s Journal’ made a bold, although not unsubstantiated, claim that the wardrobe of the series – draping the figure of all the amazing actors and actresses – is the real star of the show. The website went ahead and focuses on showing appreciation for the suits of Harvey and the style lessons that can be learned by all aspiring gentlemen.

- Sometimes, it is best to stick with the classic business suit

- Get the lapels on point

- The suits’ details matter

- Have simple shirts to pair with the perfect suits

- Improve your neckwear

- Do not be afraid of the waistcoat

- Leave the belt

- Have a nice wristwatch

The lessons mentioned above are valuable for anyone looking to switch up their suit game.

Harvey Specter donning a grey suit (peak lapel, again) paired with a black necktie for a timeless look. Netflix – Season 8, Episode 14.

Last but not least, several tailor/business websites are promoting their products/services online by advertising the suits of Harvey Specter. Top Google searches include the ones from ‘Tailor on Ten’ and ‘Savile Row Company’. These websites include some photographs of Harvey and tips on how to embody the look appropriately. Some of the valuable tips include;

Have simple and slim tailoring.

Go for the peak lapel.

No over accessorising.

Keep it monochromatic.

Simple white/light blue formal shirts.

Large, proportional shirt collars.

Less is more for patterns and colour – exceptions can be made for neckties.

Go for the strong look for the necktie knot.

No skinny neckties.

These tips are useful to emulate the suits and the aura of Harvey Specter.

This time, Harvey is pairing the grey suit with a necktie of a similar colour shade. Notice that he unbuttoned his coat while sitting down. Netflix – Season 7, Episode 3.

There are many more online resources that are describing and discussing the suits of Harvey Specter.

Overall, a well-fitted suit is almost certain to bring confidence to its wearer. The details and the specifics of Harvey Specter’s suits could provide a piece of practical information that could be adapted to a gentleman’s wardrobe. While the external appearance can be learned and observed from these references, it is also important to grow one’s character. A sense of confidence, loyalty, and work ethics must be developed by everyone in every aspect of their lives.

All in all, the combination of strong personalities and elegant appearances is what makes Harvey Specter an amazing character. This is worthy to thrive for.


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