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The best-dressed global political leaders in 2024

Now you can emulate the style of the world's most stylish leaders with our style guide.

By Hockerty

Photo: Emmanual Macron and Brigitte Macron (courtesy of NurPhoto)

In a world where politics meets fashion, these global leaders are not just shaping policies but also making statements with their impeccable style. From the refined elegance of Emmanuel Macron to the casual sophistication of Justin Trudeau, these leaders are redefining the traditional image of politicians.

Join us as we delve into the wardrobes of some of the world's most stylish leaders, exploring how they effortlessly balance the demands of political leadership with a keen sense of fashion. 

Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron (courtesy of Backgrid)

Emmanuel Macron (France): Macron has been known for his modern and elegant style.  Macron's style is characterized by a modern and polished aesthetic. He often opts for tailored suits, usually in dark or neutral tones, projecting a refined and authoritative image. Macron is known for incorporating well-fitted and contemporary pieces into his wardrobe, combining classic elegance with a touch of modernity. His fashion choices typically reflect a sophisticated and formal look, suitable for various official and diplomatic occasions.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and his wife Begona Gomez arrive at 10 Downing Street in London, December 3, 2019 (AP Photo/Alastair Grant, File)

Pedro Sánchez (Spain) The President of the Spain is characterized by a classic and elegant style. He usually opts for dark suits, such as navy blue or gray, for formal events and official appearances. He complements his look with white or subtly colored shirts, often without a tie for a more casual touch. In more informal situations, he has been seen in more relaxed outfits, such as long-sleeved shirts with rolled-up cuffs and chinos. Overall, his style reflects a neat and modern image, adapted to the demands of the political environment and the occasions he attends.

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo. (courtesy of BELGA)

Alexander De Croo (Belgium): The Belgian Prime Minister has been mentioned in the press for his style. Alexander De Croo's style is characterized by a modern and polished look. He often opts for well-tailored suits in various colors, including classic navy and charcoal, projecting a professional and contemporary image. De Croo's wardrobe choices typically include well-fitted shirts and ties, contributing to a sophisticated and refined appearance. His style reflects a blend of classic menswear with a modern twist, suitable for formal and business settings.

Justin Trudeau (courtesy of Getty Images)

Justin Trudeau (Canada) Trudeau knows how to make a statement on social media. When he met with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the same event, he stood out by wearing yellow and blue socks that matched his patterned tie. Justin's socks have become famous among paparazzi, who never miss the chance to zoom in on them as soon as they spot them. Lately, the politician has worn them in various colors and patterns, always remarkably original and divergent from the formality expected in a man of power's wardrobe.


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