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Style Picks: The Cutaway Collar Dress Shirt

This is a collar that catches the eye and makes a statement; it's assertive and sartorially confident.

By Style Editor

These days men have an astonishing array of options when it comes to choosing the style of collar on their dress shirts. And an important choice it is.

Indeed, as the shirt collar frames your face, one of the most important considerations in choosing a dress shirt is the appropriateness of the collar shape to your face. But these days, men needn’t be confused with the myriad of choice out there. Cutaway collar shirts or spread collar shirts look good on all men and every man should have them in his wardrobe.

Cutaway collar shirts are begging for a large knot like a Windsor or half-Windsor. But even the most simple of knots, like the four in hand, equally espouses sprezzatura when combined with cutaway collar shirts.

From left: Boggi Milano, BOSS, Boggi Milano

Cutaway collar shirts are precisely what you should wear when you need to look sharp in the office and want to power dress. However, one of the great things about cutaway collar shirts is that they look wonderful worn unbuttoned sans tie, because of the way the collar is cut or tapered. This tapering helps to anchor the collar. By contrast, a straight point collar can end up looking untidy and clumsy with the collar points suspended above the clavicle area.

Much like the lapel of a jacket, the shirt collar is one of the most distinguishable elements of the men's garment, acting as a visual focal point whilst serving an undeniable functional purpose – the collar can be cut to widen or slim the appearance of man’s face, whilst simultaneously framing the necktie knot.

In a sea of standard business attire, this is a collar that catches the eye and makes a statement; it's assertive and sartorially confident. If you’re in the market for a dress shirt, you should consider the cutaway collar as your preferred choice. You will be amazed how easy it can be worn with a tie.

GC knows elegance, and knows its impact to yourself. It is for this reason that we recommend Malaysian man to invest in the cutaway collar dress shirt. It is the collar you want to be seen wearing.

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