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Old Money Aesthetic for Modern Men: Explore Timeless Elegance

Explore the Old Money Aesthetic with Gentleman's Code and Vieux Riche. Uncover a blend of timeless elegance and modern masculinity in fashion and lifestyle.
By Evangelia Constantine
Photo: Daniel Deen Isa Kalebic & Prince Mateen
The Modern Man's Guide to Old Money Aesthetic: Timeless Elegance Revisited
The sartorial world carries with it an inherent character, a symbol of status, identity, even taste. But within this panorama of fashion, few aesthetics can claim to possess the timeless allure of the Old Money Aesthetic. It's not so much about displaying ostentatious wealth, as it is about embodying an understanding of refinement, borne of centuries of sophistication and subtlety. Indeed, the power of the Old Money Aesthetic rests in its inherent discretion, a grandeur that whispers rather than shouts.
Quintessence of the Old Money Aesthetic
The Old Money Aesthetic is a spectacle of timeless elegance, rooted deeply in tradition yet thriving amidst the bustling humdrum of modernity. It showcases a seamless fusion of masculine strength and feminine elegance, radiating an air of sophisticated charm that's classic yet always contemporary. Consider fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy, who perfectly embodied these principles in the 20th century, their style mirroring the ostensible solidity of Old Money Aesthetic.
Yet it begs a question: what constitutes this perennial allure? What is the Old Money Aesthetic beyond the embroidered cashmere, the leather-bound books, and the generations-old mansions steeped in history?
Photo: Bon Zainal menswear
The Immutable Tenets of Old Money Fashion
Tucked away in the halls of old money fashion are immutable tenets that define its aesthetic. It rests on the belief that elegance is a reflection of character, demonstrated through personal grooming and care. An "Old Money" gentleman exudes a dignified nonchalance, swathed in clothes that hang effortlessly on his form. His wardrobe brands are marked not by logos but by the fine quality of their fabrics and construction. It's a perfect blend of comfort, class, and timeless charm.
Modern interpretations of Old Money Aesthetic, especially in men's fashion, sew a thread of balance— between casual comfortability and formality— navigating away from ostentation towards a timeless, neatly-tailored distinction. It's within this duality that the Old Money Aesthetic finds its contemporary identity, charting a course into the heart of today's sophisticated men's fashion.
Photo: Vieux Riche collection
Living Old Money: Lifestyle and Etiquette
Elegance goes beyond the wardrobe. It extends into lifestyle, social circles— even the simple grace of being. An "Old Money" personification carries an air of exclusivity, often untouched by the harried pace of commonplace existence. Their lifestyles, punctuated by private clubs, exclusive hobbies, and tasteful pastimes, reflect their affluent lineage and refined liking, beautifully locked in time yet adapting to the present.
Cultural and Recreational Pursuits
The Old Money Aesthetic gravitates towards a cultivated sense of personal refinement, mirrored in their profound appreciation for classic art, literature, and cultural involvements. This commitment to cultural enlightenment often goes beyond mere passive enjoyment and transcends into dedicated study and collection. It's much about the ability to appreciate a Rembrandt as it is about recognizing the profound introspection in Hemingway's prose. Its heartbeat synchronized with time-tested cultural expressions, the Old Money community ensures that their aesthetic is as much an expression of taste and value as it is of affluence.
In line with the Old Money Aesthetic, the recreational pursuits one engages in are often synonymous with this timeless lifestyle. These can provide a blissful escape from their immaculate personas, ranging from equestrian sports to yachting and even strategic parlor games like chess and bridge. The leisure activities of the Old Money Aesthetic are a tasteful blending of serenity and thrill, seamlessly woven into their elegant tapestry of existence.
Photo: Lord of Leisure collection
The Modern Old Money Aesthetic Man
In the evolving tableau of modern manhood, a unique trend is eminently apparent – the embrace of the "Old Money Aesthetic". Contrary to what one might expect, this trend isn't limited to those who are part of exclusive social circles or curated country club memberships.
Rather, the appeal of this aesthetic has transcended these traditional boundaries and percolated into the common consciousness. Modern men have caught onto the Old Money trend, cultivating a new form of masculinity that fuses traditional old-world charm with contemporary sensibilities. A stroll down Fifth Avenue, the pages of Vieux, and even television series, such as HBO's critically acclaimed "Succession", wield a persuasive testimony to this trend, making it evident that the allure of Old Money Aesthetic is more widespread than ever before.
Summary: Old Money Aesthetic in Reflection
In retracing our steps through the intricate corridors of the Old Money Aesthetic, we recognize a diverse tableau adorned with sophistication, a penchant for the evergreen, and a celebration of subtlety over extravagance. From embracing a refined wardrobe to nurturing a sophisticated palette for art, literature, and leisure, the Old Money Aesthetic paints a picture of dignified living etched in the fabric of heritage and sophistication.
Yet it's the adaptability of this tapestry that lends it its timeless appeal. Despite its roots grounded in tradition, the Old Money Aesthetic has evolved and adapted to the tunes of contemporary times, seamlessly blending with the spirit of the modern man.
Vieux Riche & Gentleman's Code (GC)
For those spellbound by the charm of the Old Money Aesthetic and eager to seek out its nuanced essence, the quest begins at your fingertips. Delve into the world of Gentleman’s Code Magazine and explore the crossroads where elegance, wisdom, and manhood meet.
If taking the leap towards embracing the Old Money Aesthetic feels like an uncanny proposition, the nuanced tips and insights on Vieux Riche will illuminate your path. Remember, the journey towards Old Money Style transcends mere fashion and seeps into your lifestyle, gifting you a refreshing transformation that's as rewarding as it's aesthetically pleasing.
How you can embrace the Old Money Aesthetic
Invite the allure of sophistication into your life. With discerning articles, guides, and tips on the Vieux Riche website and the Gentleman’s Code Magazine, you can embrace and celebrate the Old Money Aesthetic seamlessly within your everyday life. So, why wait? Come, explore, and redefine your understanding of timeless elegance and sophistication.
From perfecting your Old Money Style to exploring the nuances of this unparalleled aesthetic, the journey promises to be equal parts enlightening and exciting. Join us, and let's traverse this path towards timeless charm together.

About Evangelia Constantine

The founder & owner of Vieux Riche (meaning 'Old Rich' in French) - a digital lifestyle platform born out of her deep passion for old money aesthetic, a style that's always appealed to her with its understated luxury and unending charm.

​She is always been drawn to the quiet allure of old money fashion. There's something about the way this style seems to transcend time, defying trends and yet remaining eternally stylish, that truly fascinates her. She started Vieux Riche to share this passion with the readers, and to bring these timeless styles into your wardrobe. Every item in her collection, curated with love and care, mirrors this classic aesthetic.

She invite you to explore the charm of old money fashion, and cultivate a style that speaks of timeless elegance and refined simplicity at www.thevieuxriche.com/

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