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Leonardo DiCaprio’s timeless style in Giorgio Armani

The King of Hollywood celebrated his birthday yesterday and we picked his sartorial moments in his longtime Italian clothier, Giorgio Armani.

By Style Editor

Leonardo DiCaprio is Hollywood's leading man. With more than 50 movies under his belt, including Inception, Titanic, and The Great Gatsby, Leo has achieved much in his illustrious career. That said, his sartorial sense is clearly implied: He looks super sharp each and every time.

That’s because the Hollywood native has a secret weapon helping him every time he’s on the red carpet: Giorgio Armani. DiCaprio’s been a fan of Armani’s perfectly tailored Italian suits and expertly-crafted tuxedos for more than two decades, and has been loyal to the brand since he was 17 years old. 

GC picks the top 10 Leo's most elegant moments wearing Giorgio Armani.

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