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Heat Up The Summer With Tesalate

Heat up the summer in style with the vibrant sand free beach towels from Australia's freshest beach brand - Tesalate.

Article in collaboration with Tesalate

Summer season is finally here, and the weather sure is sizzling hot! The blazing sun, the soothing sounds of birds chirping and colorful flowers in full bloom are just some of the things to love about this season. And Tesalate's sand-free, vibrant beach towels are solid reasons to schedule a beach escape.

Exciting Themes

Tesalate's 2020 towel collection offers exciting and endless possibilities. There are so many mouth-watering designs to choose from.

From classic, trendy, tropical or eclectic themes, Tesalate's wide range of patterns and prints caters to everyone's distinct personality. The product also features a triangular geometric design on the other side of every towel as its signature pattern.

Innovative Towel

But what makes Tesalate a cut above the rest? For starters, Tesalate has by far, the most beautiful collection of beach towels. It's an innovative towel that entirely changes everyone's beach experience. Let's break down the reasons why:

Fabric Care. Tesalate towels are easy to maintain. A cold machine wash, tumble dry on low or merely hanging out to dry, are three ways to clean or dry the towel.

Fast drying. Just as Tesalate can absorb a lot of water, it also dries up amazingly fast. Just like magic!

Lightweight. Tesalate beach towels are so light, unlike regular ones which are big and bulky. It comes with a waterproof nylon drawstring bag. It's so compact that it could fit into a small beach tote.

Material. Tesalate's AbsorbLite microfiber material is gentle and soft even on the most sensitive skin.

Quality. Regular towels fade and fray over time. But Tesalate's durable fabric promises the color will remain vibrant and good as new even after constant use and washing.

Sand-free. Goodbye to the days of shaking the sand off the towels in frustration. Sand easily slides off the towel since Tesalate is made of AbsorbLite microfibre.

Size. It measures 63 x 31 inches for the Standard size and 63 x 63 inches for the Towel for Two sizes. How can something so light and compact be a beach towel? Well, it indeed is!

Super absorbent. Even if Tesalate repels sand, it is also ultra-absorbent. It's a hardworking towel because it can absorb up to one liter of water.

Towel hook. It's annoying when towels fall off the hook, and lands on a wet and dirty surface. So, Tesalate also features a hanging hook, ensuring the towel hangs clean and dry.

Retailing at $59 (RM 252) for the Standard size and $99 (RM 423) for the Towel for Two, check out the collection exclusively available online at www.tesalate.com. Free worldwide shipping & returns.

Official Website: www.tesalate.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tesalate

Instagram: www.instagram.com/tesalate

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/tesalate

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