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Gentleman Style: Cillian Murphy, Rami Malek, Christian Friedel, Teo Yoo Wore ZEGNA to The 2024 BAFTA Film Awards

Suave squad at the prestigious 2024 BAFTA Red Carpet.

By Style Editor

Photo: Cillian Murphy (courtesy of Getty Images)

The 2024 BAFTA Film Awards saw a sartorial squad emerge, stealing the spotlight not just with their talent, but with their impeccably tailored looks courtesy of the Italian fashion house Zegna. Cillian Murphy, Rami Malek, Christian Friedel, and Teo Yoo Woo rewrote the red carpet rulebook, proving that sharp style is timeless and transcends borders.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Cillian Murphy, winner of the Leading Actor Award, ever the Irish enigma, looked dapper in ZEGNA made-to-measure wool mohair tuxedo jacket with iconic broken lapels, pure silk collarless shirt, wool mohair evening trousers, micro-pattern silk cummerbund, and smooth black leather boots, all in black at The Royal Festival Hall.

GC comments: The clean lines and broken lapels accentuated his physique, while the silk shirt and cummerband added a touch of sophistication.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

Rami Malek, starring in 13x BAFTA nominated film “Oppenheimer”, wore a ZEGNA made-to-measure black wool coat, navy-blue jacquard notch-lapel tuxedo jacket with inner satin rever detail, navy-blue pure silk evening shirt, navy-blue one-pleat trousers, navy-blue satin cummerbund and bowtie, and black smooth leather loafers, to the 2024 BAFTA Film Awards.

GC comments: known for his daring fashion choices, surprised in a head-turning black tie accesories: satin cummerbund and bowtie. The luxurious fabric and classy color exuded confidence and charisma, perfectly complementing Malek's captivating presence.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Christian Friedel, starring in Best Original Screenplay Award Winning film “The Zone of Interest”, wore a ZEGNA made-to-measure TrofeoTM 600 wool and silk evening tuxedo, white cotton tuxedo shirt, black silk cummerbund and bowtie, and black evening patent-leather dress shoes, all in black, to the 2024 BAFTA Film Awards.

GC comments: The sharp tailoring and slim fit gave him a youthful edge, while the peak lapel added a touch of distinctive look. Friedel's choice was both modern and sophisticated, reflecting his status as a talent to watch.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

Teo Yoo, Best Actor in a Leading Role Nominee, wore ZEGNA made-to-measure chocolate brown velvet tuxedo jacket with black satin peak lapels, chocolate brown pure silk evening shirt, black wool mohair tuxedo pants, black silk bowtie, and black patent-leather dress shoes, to the 2024 BAFTA Film Awards.

GC comments: the South Korean heartthrob, brought a touch of "old money aesthetic" to the red carpet. The earthy tones and velvet exuded a princely figure, perfectly complementing Yoo Woo's boyish charm.

Each actor brought his own distinct personality to the red carpet, yet they were united by their impeccable taste and appreciation for ZEGNA's craftsmanship. Their made-to-measire choices were more than just style statements; they were testaments to their confidence, individuality, and global appeal. From the timeless elegance of Murphy to the daring sophistication of Malek, the contemporary cool of Friedel to the princely charm of Yoo Woo, these four actors proved that ZEGNA can dress any man for any occasion, and make the man look red carpet ready in the process.

So, if you're looking for red carpet inspiration, take a cue from these sharply dressed gents. Remember, true style is about owning your look and feeling confident in your own skin, just like Cillian Murphy, Rami Malek, Christian Friedel, and Teo Yoo Woo. And if you have a ZEGNA suit / tuxedo handy, even better!

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