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Connoisseurs Only: Rolls-Royce's Bespoke Whisky and Cigar Chest

The House of Rolls-Royce is delighted to present the newest addition to its Connoisseur’s Collection, the Rolls-Royce Cellarette.

By Lifestyle Editor 

A Bespoke Whisky and Cigar Chest which can be configured to stow aperitifs or digestifs, alongside prized cigars, the Cellarette derives from the marque’s rich heritage of providing clients with effortless and affable hosting opportunities.

Epitomising true Rolls-Royce style: precision engineering, exquisite hand craftsmanship and a breath-taking presentation of luxury, the Cellarette features a polished aluminium chassis, enveloped by embossed Rolls-Royce Havana leather complete with an Obsidian Ayous Open Pore veneer serving tray and Spirit of Ecstasy inlay. The Cellarette is the perfect accessory for any Rolls-Royce owner with a passion for convivial hosting.

Although the Cellarette will fit discreetly into the rear of any Rolls-Royce, it truly comes into its own as a centrepiece at an al fresco dining experience, or as an accompaniment at an intimate gathering.

Cigars are nestled in Spanish Cedarwood at the perfect humidity level for optimum enjoyment, a measure that is precisely monitored by the built-in hygrometer. When returned to the chest, the humidor is magnetically secured, remaining perfectly still and quiet during transit.

Magnetically held at either end of the cassette are two smaller containers – one for, an intricately detailed cigar cutter and lighter, made by S. T. Dupont, Paris and, is engraved with the Spirit of Ecstasy Expression, and the other is for an ashtray.

The Rolls-Royce Cellarette is available to acquire through authorised Rolls-Royce dealerships, with prices starting from GBP£44,150 (RM 252,446) excluding local taxes.

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