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007 x Barton Perriera Sunglasses

Create an iconic look with limited edition Barton Perreira James Bond sunglasses.

By Style Editor 

Introducing a new sunglasses design by Barton Perreira, inspired by the style of Daniel Craig's first 007 film, Casino Royale. The James Bond Royale is a high-stakes navigator, handmade in titanium.

Barton Perreira believes that every pair of glasses should fit as perfectly as a well-tailored piece of clothing, and these limited edition frames are handmade in Japan by highly skilled craftsmen, focused on perfecting every detail. The design is made from thick gauge titanium, bi-color plating with a secret spade motif that is revealed when you breathe on the lens. Temples feature a 007 logo. Presented in a 007 case with a cleaning cloth. Available in four colourways.

The makers:

Founded in 2007 by Bill Barton and Patty Perreira, Barton Perreira set out to make the finest eyewear in the world. The company innovates through impeccable craftsmanship and design without compromise. Each pair of Barton Perreira glasses is made in Japan. The rigorous six-to-eight-week manufacturing process focuses on perfecting every detail, from the frame’s foundation to its deep glossy finish. This meticulous process results in beautiful eyewear with an emphasis on finish, feel, and fit. Unlike most designers who focus on the object first and foremost, Patty Perreira creates for the face, bringing an unprecedented level of customisation to every angle.

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