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"The Gentlemen" ignite sales for upper-class fashion

The hit TV series on Netflix has transcended the realm of entertainment, becoming a cultural touchstone for fashion.

By Style Editor

Picture courtesy of Avantcha Tea

Guy Ritchie's Netflix series, "The Gentlemen", has become a cultural phenomenon, not just for its thrilling plot and sharp dialogue, but for its unexpected impact on the world of fashion. The show's portrayal of the eccentric and opulent style of the English upper class has ignited a surge in demand for heritage checks, tweeds, and impeccable tailoring.

From Screen to Reality: Deconstructing the Look

Fans are translating the show's extravagant outfits into real-world wardrobes. Online searches have skyrocketed for terms like "Theo James aesthetic," "flat cap," and "vintage watches." Retailers are taking note, with Asos offering guides to recreate the show's style, and Savile Row tailors like Henry Poole & Co partnering with Netflix to produce limited-edition accessories.

Ettinger, together with Truefitt & Hill, Avantcha Tea and Henry Poole have come together to partner with Netflix, creating an exclusive collection in celebration of the new TV series “The Gentlemen”. (credit: Ettinger)


Brands featured in the series have seen a significant sales increase. Cordings of Piccadilly reports a surge in demand for the Wincanton trouser suit and Follifoot coat, while Clare Haggas, the supplier of the show's printed scarves, has experienced a jump in website traffic, sales, and new customers.

Beyond the Costumes: Authenticity with a Twist

The Gentlemen captures the essence of British aristocracy, complete with their country manor-worthy attire. While Guy Ritchie's signature style adds a touch of flamboyance, the core aesthetic isn't far removed from reality. Many viewers, particularly international audiences, were surprised to learn that these looks, though amplified, hold a basis in truth.

"The lovely guy who's the real duke of the house," says actor Daniel Ings, "would come down and have a look around, and he was in the bright red cords and the checked shirt there." This element of authenticity adds another layer to the show's appeal.

The Inspiration Behind the Eccentricity

Bontemps reveals her inspiration for the costumes came from everyday life. "Walking round London or the countryside observing people," she explains, "I selected quintessentially British brands." The result? A look that resonates with those familiar with the British countryside lifestyle.

"Anyone who lives in the countryside or knows someone with an estate has met someone like this," Bontemps says. "That's something Guy is very passionate about: every story, although heightened and stylised, has to be believable."

Ettinger, together with Truefitt & Hill, Avantcha Tea and Henry Poole have come together to partner with Netflix, creating an exclusive collection in celebration of the new TV series “The Gentlemen”. (credit: Ettinger)

The Power of Privilege: Dressing the Part

Ings, who portrays the flamboyantly eccentric Freddy Horniman, describes his character's style as a reflection of "ultimate privilege." "We were trying to give the idea of someone who wore traditional country gentleman clothes, but would wear them wrong," he explains. Freddy's signature look involves a touch of nonchalance, a subtle rebellion against the established sartorial rules.

Interestingly, Ings reveals a disagreement with Ritchie over the extent of his character's flamboyance. "My feeling was [Freddy] would dress for those occasions the way he thinks people should look and he would get it wrong," he says. This disagreement resulted in the now-iconic oversized fur coat Freddy wears to an underground boxing match.

The Gentlemen has become a cultural phenomenon, not just for its captivating story, but for its influence on the fashion world. The show's success proves that a touch of British eccentricity can be a recipe for sartorial success.

There is a fascination with how those gentry live their lives, because their material reality is so very different from the rest of us.

Helen Warner, an associate professor at the University of East Anglia

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