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Every month, GC Magazine gathers its editors to identify Malaysian best dressed men. As this year marks the end of the decade, so we thought we'd up the stakes: 16 competitors. One week. Readers’ choice. On the line? Nothing less than the people's-choice title of Most Stylish Malaysian Man of the Decade. What you see here is men who dressed impeccably. Check out the contenders below, and head to GC's Instagram to cast your vote.

And now, the impeccably dressed gentlemen will meet, launching into head-to-head battle for the biggest title of them all: Most. Stylish. Malaysian. Man. Of. The. Decade. There can only be one. And you get to decide.

Head to GC's Instagram to cast your vote


Well, gentlemen: we've made it. The clock will soon strike midnight on 2019 a decade whose most stylish man, the people have decided, is the style icon, Wak Doyok. The final round was a pitched battle, with Wak relying on a career's worth of double-breasted, dark suiting to deliver him to victory.

So: what can we learn? At least a few things. First, that consistency matters. Wak Doyok has been dressing like a kingsman for the full decade; at 40, he has solid judgement to know what it takes to show up and look good. Tun Dr Mahathir, on the other hand, came back from retirement in 2018. And while Mahathir's gotten off a decade's without wearing a suit, he certainly delivers when he's back at the highest, most noble Malaysian office. Second: while we're firmly in the new era of smart casual dress code in office, there's still plenty of appetite for a man who just looks really good in a tailored, fitted suit. No peacock attires —just a suit.

And that is that. Our condolences to Tun Dr Mahathir—and our heartiest, best-dressediest congratulations to Wak Doyok, the People's Choice for Most Stylish Malaysian Man of the Decade. You wear it well, Wak. And we'll see you all in 2020.


The field has thinned. And now, with the end in sight, the contest for Most Stylish Malaysian Man of the Decade is down to two men. Things got tense in the semi-final; it's hard to think of two stiffer matchups than Henry Golding vs Tun Dr Mahathir, and Wak Doyok vs. Sha'arin Wong. Two leading man against two celebrities. It was...intense.

But now, we have answers.

In one corner stand the old guard, the traditionalists. They are represented by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Malaysia’s 7th Prime Minister is known for many things - his political prowess, his leadership and his wisdom, but never would we think he would be touted as a style icon. But his time has arrived.

In the other corner, the fashion heads all stand, coiled and ready in his trademark beard and double breasted suits, because they are championed by Wak Doyok, who falls asleep each night dreaming of new ways to slay in suits. And why wouldn't he? In the second round, he dispatched none other than Syafiq Kylez.


We are one step closer to crowning the most stylish Malaysian man of the decade. Henry Golding status as Hollywood’s style icon wasn’t quite enough to take down the perfected style of Tun Dr. Mahathir’s tailored suits, alpha posture, and neat hair. Wak Doyok’s natural ability to wear a suit with confidence helped him best the more smart-casual style of Syafiq Kylez. Bon Zainal, the man who helped elevate sharply dressed culture in Malaysia, lost out to his friend Sha’arin Razali Wong, in a close fought battle. And, proving that maybe no one can stop his furious ascension to Style Leader, Roberto Guiati usurped Khairul Fahmy in a confidence victory.


And with that, Round One of the Most Stylish Malaysian Man of the Decade is completed. The people have spoken! The first round was a thrilling battle. Tuxedoed wonder Henry Golding took down Malaysian alphamen Alif Satar. Style icon knocked off hairstylist, as Wak Doyok sending Albert Nicomedes home early.

In a matchup of two of our most influential contenders, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad edged KJ, while “Malaysian James Bond” Bon Zainal trailed Azlan Iskandar comfortably. The traditional-leaning Roberto Guiati dusted the sporty Jazeman Jaafar. In a battle between two actors, Syafiq Kylez went full on Azrel Ismail, to proceed to the next round. And can it be an upset when Sha’arin Razali Wong emerges victorious in a style battle? He defeated none other than debonair Jovian Mandagie.

If we've learned anything, it's that nothing is guaranteed when dressers of this caliber are involved. Round Two kicks off shortly, and we're already salivating over the matchups: Hollywood leading man Henry Golding against the world's oldest statesman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Style leaders Wak Doyok and Syafiq Kylez will collide. Sha’arin up against his mentor Bon Zainal. And Roberto Guiati will look to knock off the upstart Khairul Fahmy. It's all getting very interesting, and it's getting very interesting on GC's Instagram. Go cast your vote to decide the most stylish Malaysian man of the decade.

16 nominees in no particular ranking:

1. Henry Golding

2. Bon Zainal

3. YM Tengku Dato' Yusof

4. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

5. Roberto Guiati

6. Wak Doyok

7. YB Khairy Jamaluddin

8. Sha'arin Razali Wong

9. Alif Satar

10. Albert Nicomedes

11. Syafiq Kylez

12. Azrel Ismail

13. Jazeman Jaafar

14. Khairul Fahmy

15. Jovian Mandagie

16. Azlan Iskandar

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