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Chris Pine's Gives 'Old Money Style' Masterclass at The 2023 Kentucky Derby

Exceptionally thought, flawlessly executed.

By Style Editor

Photo: Maggie Huber

Chris Pine has long been a source of classic style inspiration to men around the world, sporting aesthetic that deserve a place in your wardrobe and even revitalizing your style persona.

This weekend, he maintained the "old money style*" at the Kentucky Derby which was a veritable masterclass in how to dress for such an occasion.

*The old-money style is an aesthetic that is characterized by its elegance and sophistication. It is often associated with proper upbringing, education, and privilege.

Chris Pine is gentry personified. Photo: Getty

Pine, the 42-year-old actor graduated from the University of California, Berkeley (BA), made a dashing appearance at the 149th edition of the world-famous Derby in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday.

Hosted at the Churchill Downs race course, the event is akin to Selangor Turf Club, with guests dressing to impress. Unlike others, Pine delivered the outfit really well.

Donning a pastel blue blazer over a white shirt and white pants, the look was completed with a dark knitted navy tie, classic wayfarer shades, and completed with pocket square. Safe to say, this is 'quiet luxury' looks can be worn anywhere in the world (in daytime non-humid condition).

What makes Pine dressed elegantly? Well, it’s simple. First, it’s about achieving balance and symmetry: a suit is too formal and too corporate, but no jacket isn’t formal enough, so the mismatched blazer and pants look is nonchalance. Second, the colour palette screams day occasion. Third, the textures: elegant knit tie, luxurious and lightweight jacket fabric.

They say you should “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”, but when it comes to Derby Day (or any classy outdoor day event) the attitude should be reversed: dress for the event you’re actually attending, not the one you wish you were attending.

Photo: Getty

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