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The Crown: Monaco Edition is coming on screen

Grace Kelly’s grandson announces new drama about Monaco’s royal family - as Netflix hit The Crown comes to an end.

By Culture Editor

Photo: Beatrice Borromeo and Pierre Casiraghi ©Corbis/Getty Images

The popular Netflix series The Crown is set to expand its scope with a new limited series focusing on the Grimaldi family of Monaco. The series, titled The Crown: Monaco Edition, will track the grand history of the ruling Grimaldi family, whose members include Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene, and the late Prince Rainier III and Grace Kelly.

Despite not being as well known as the UK’s Windsors and Monaco not being as large a country, the Grimaldis are the longest-reigning royal family in Europe, having ruled Monaco for eight centuries. Evidently, there are a number of stories to be told in such a long time period, which is why the producers are planning for not just a single show but a franchise as per Variety.

Beatrice Borromeo and Pierre Casiraghi ©Reporters / Crystal Pictures

According to Variety, Pierre and Beatrice will produce an installment of 'Monaco' through their firm Astrea, with production starting next year for the film. Pierre Casiraghi is Princess Caroline’s of Hanover’s son and thus the grandchildren of Grace Kelly, the American actress who became Princess of Monaco.

The Crown: Monaco Edition is set to start production in 2024.

Official photograph of the reigning Grimaldi family ©The Prince’s Palace

The Grimaldi Family

The Grimaldi family is one of the oldest and most powerful families in Europe. The family has ruled Monaco for over 700 years, and its members have included kings, queens, princes, and princesses.

The Grimaldi family's history is long and complex. The family's founder, Rainier I, was a Genoese nobleman who conquered Monaco in the 13th century. The family's fortunes have fluctuated over the centuries, but they have always managed to maintain their grip on power in Monaco.

The Grimaldi family is known for its wealth, power, and glamour. The family's members have been involved in a number of scandals and controversies, but they have also been praised for their philanthropy and their commitment to Monaco.

The Crown: Monaco Edition is a must-watch for fans of The Crown and anyone interested in European history. The series is sure to be a fascinating and entertaining look at the Grimaldi family and their role in Monaco.

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