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The Coolest Things to do in Kuala Lumpur This July 2023

Level up your culture and sophistication with GC's approved events in KL this July.

By Lifestyle Editor

Photo: Malaysian race driver Nazim Azman (credit: Sime Darby Motors)

With so many amazing new events being unleashed in Kuala Lumpur each and every week, finding the experiences that are actually worth investing in and worth your time can be challenging.

Luckily for you, we are here to help guide you through the latest experience with our monthly roundup of the coolest things to do in KL this month.

Picture: Porsche Malaysia

  1. Porsche Cup Carrera Cup Asia Round 5 and 6

1 July @ Porsche Centre Ara Damansara

Round 5 and 6 of the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia races start at Suzuka Circuit, Japan. Will Sime Darby Racing Team prevail in the land of the rising sun?

Porsche Malaysia invited the readers to watch the live race at Porsche Centre Ara Damansara this Saturday from 1:30PM to 3:00PM for some exciting on-location activities and watch how the team conquers the race track.

Picture: PH7 Production Management Sdn. Bhd.

  1. Konsert P. Ramlee - Signature A Minor 7

7-8 July @ PJPAC

This 75-minute performance that lasts for two nights will featuring 12 songs from films starring and directed by Tan Sri P. Ramlee, who won both local and international awards from 1953 to 1965, the peak period of the deceased's work in Singapore.

The songs are led and rearranged by Maestro Aubrey Suwito with nuances that new, without losing the original soul of Tan Sri P. Ramlee's work. Sung by Sean Ghazi and Liza Hanim, and interspersed with a monologue performance by Sobri Anuar, definitely a concert directed by Hariry Jalil, Supporting Actor Winner The Best Telefilm, Telenovela Awards 2023 will take viewers through time, recalls nostalgia and explores the philosophy of P. Ramlee in his works, especially in create a song. Among the songs in this concert that will surely invite the audience to sing together is Ingin Tahu, Berkorban Apa Saja, Engkau Laksana Bulan, Malam Bulan Dipagar Bintang, Gelora dan Madu Tiga.

This concert will continue the legacy of Tan Sri P. Ramlee's works, in addition to being inspiration for a new generation in creating, especially in the arts of music and film.

For tickets, click here

Picture: Rashid Hasnan (credit: RMPA)

  1. Polo Medium Goal #2

17-29 July @ Taman Ekuestrian Putrajaya

Yet another exciting polo tournament organised by the Royal Malaysian Polo Association. Where else you can watch sports that combined elegance, majesty, and fun? Polo of course.

Free entry.

Picture: Swiss Dream Circus

1 July – 23 July @ Mutiara Damansara

  1. Swiss Dream Circus

Get ready for a night filled with thrilling acts and dazzling acrobatics. Returning for the sixth time in Malaysia after a three-year hiatus, the Swiss Dream Circus is setting up their big top at Mutiara Park in Mutiara Damansara for a month-long spectacle.

The Switzerland-based circus will be bringing over 11 types of performances to amaze audiences this time around. Adding modern touches to the traditional extravagance, the circus will also have an extreme LED light show using laser technology as well as a LED dancing performance.

For tickets, click here

Picture: Hands Percussion

14-17 July @ PJPAC

  1. SAKTI

SAKTI is a multi-dimensional performance where art forms to create a unique interpretation of this captivating folktale. It will be performed across the stage through aerial acrobatics and accompanied by contemporary music with drums, percussion, gamelan and other musical instruments.

Awe yourself in a new experience of expressing their artistry through skillfully choreographed aerial acrobatics (hanging from specialist fabric) accompanied by both rearranged and new Malay compositions at SAKTI.

For tickets, click here

Picture credit: Amberjade Arts

  1. Opium By Any Other Name (27 Jul 2023 – 6 August, 8:30pm)

27 July - 6 Aug @ DPAC

“Opium by Any Other Name” is the second entry in the Opium series by Tarrant Kwok. Thematically centred around the opium economy of Colonial Malaya, this play draws from classic tragedies – namely Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare – but bringing it down to a gritty, local temperament.

With characters portrayed by Shi Hoong, Celeste Low, Veronica Boh, Adry Nasution, Charles Roberts, and Dennis Lim – political drama, family honour, and women’s issues are presented in a gripping storyline whose conclusion is unassailably inevitable.

Drawing from historical documentation and Malaysian Chinese culture of the yesteryears, “Opium by Any Other Name” is a classic tale of betrayal, romance and tragedy.

For tickets, click HERE.​

Picture: KLPAC

  1. Wherefore Art Thou, Juliet?

7-9 July @ KLPAC

They say true feelings are earned, not given. A young man, trapped in a bizarre new world, experiences a journey of such. Unbeknownst of what he seeks, he treads the path in search of any answers to his predicament. But could these answers make things right for him? Will the truth set him free?

TUTAS’ Bachelor of Performing Arts is proud to present a reimagining of Romeo and Juliet, now with a modern Malaysian twist. Written and directed entirely by our fourth batch of students, this play revisits the classic Shakespearean tale to explore what it means to love, to be loved, and all the little moments in between that make love worthwhile.

For tickets, click here

Picture: DiDance

  1. DiDance presents HARUS: A TIMELESS ELEGANCE

22-23 July @ PJPAC

"Harus" is a mesmerizing theatre dance production that transcends time, taking the audience on an unforgettable journey immersed in timeless traditions. This captivating show beautifully reimagines the grace and beauty of Malay dance, presenting it in a way that resonates with a new generation.

Witness the profound impact of Malay dance, showcasing its ability to transcend generations and bring people together. It is an immersive experience that celebrates the legacy of Malay culture while embracing the ever-changing world we live in.

For tickets, click HERE

Picture: Neptunes Presents

  1. FKJ Live in Kuala Lumpur

26 July @ Megastar Arena, Sg. Wang, Kuala Lumpur

Futuristically classy, Vincent Fenton or French Kiwi Juice, better known by the abbreviation FKJ, has mastered the sound of sophisticatedly, smooth electronic music.

With serene sounds perfect for posh settings, FKJ with his strong catalogue of tracks has found himself on repeat in the dwellings of all Roche Musique alumni. Lying together his first track to hit the charts is built off of a mellow, heartfelt sample, and layered with classic electronic keyboards, and a beautiful guitar bass.

This is music that you can groove to, youth tested and elder approved.

For tickets, click HERE

Picture courtesy of douglaslim.com

  1. DOUGLAS LIM Hosted by Rizal Van Geyzel

26-28 July @ BoboKL

After a surprise sold-out one night only in May this year, Malaysian prominent comedian Douglas Lim returns to the Bobo stage for three nights this month. BoboKL’s resident comedian Rizal Van Geyzel hosts. Expect a night full of tears and laughter.

For tickets, click HERE

Picture: Astor Bar, The St Regis Kuala Lumpur (credit: Marriott)

  1. The Art of Drinking at Astor Bar

27 July onwards| 5pm to 12am daily @ Astor Bar, The St Regis Kuala Lumpur

As part of The St Regis House of Celebration, The St Regis Kuala Lumpur’s Astor Bar welcomes guests to indulge in The Art of Drinking through a series of cocktails inspired by New York’s five historical boroughs—Lower Manhattan, Midtown, Upper Manhattan, East Side and West Side. Each borough will be represented by an exclusive cocktail, which will be launched at the bar weekly.

During the soft launch period, a recipe card will be given out for every purchase of the featured New York cocktail. Guests who have collected all five recipe cards may exchange them for admission to the Art of Drinking private launch on 27 July 2023. In addition, the bar will play host to esteemed mixologists including Dexter Ng, Giri Pancha, Amanda Wan Winchester, and Deo Christopher Villareal for its guest shift nights every week—offering their signature drinks and experimental concoctions.

For more information on The Art of Drinking, call +603 2727 6696 or email dining.kualalumpur@stregis.com. Follow @astorbarkl on Instagram for more updates.

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