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The coolest things to do in Kuala Lumpur in August 2023

There’s plenty of joy and excitement to be found in the capital.

By Lifestyle Editor

With so many amazing new events being unleashed in Kuala Lumpur each and every week, finding the experiences that are actually worth investing in and worth your time can be challenging.

And yet, with incredible strength of spirit, the KL’s finest institutions continue to throw caution to the wind and open their doors to continue bringing culture, art and a great night out to the capital. From delayed exhibitions to the play everyone will be talking about, here’s what to book this month.

The car: Aston Martin DB12 Open Preview

Image courtesy of Aston Martin

Billed as the world’s first Super Tourer, the newly launched DB12 sets the benchmark for performance, ultra-luxury, and style. With an exhilarating top speed of 202 mph and best-in-class power output of 680 PS/800 Nm from its 4.0 V8 Twin-Turbo engine, the DB12 combines exceptional performance and handling with luxurious interior design, focusing on a driver centric cockpit.

Aston Martin Kuala Lumpur is inviting car enthusiasts to get up close and personal with this breath-taking Aston Martin DB12 on 1 August from 9am to 6pm at Aston Martin Kuala Lumpur showroom 11, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur.

Visit https://www.astonmartin.com/en/dealers/aston-martin-kuala-lumpur

The Event: The Kuala Lumpur Bike Show 2023 (KLBS ’23)

Image courtesy of KLBS

The Kuala Lumpur Bike Show 2023 (KLBS ’23) will be the inaugural edition of this annual event that is earmarked to become a staple on the industry calendar. Designed to attract an international audience, KLBS ’23 will become the region’s main event for 2-wheels.
The show has several components and a varied program that will ensure there is much to offer visitors (including streetswear fashion show curated by Bon Zainal and concert by Hujan.

Visit https://kualalumpurbikeshow.com/

The Music: LOCHESTRA - Alif Satar & The Locos with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

Image courtesy of Alif Satar & the Locos

Malaysia’s leading band, Alif Satar and the Locos, join forces with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Ahmad Muriz Che Rose in an epic collaboration to commemorate DFP’s 25th anniversary. Hailing from Kuala Lumpur and founded in 2018 by award-winning vocalist Alif Satar, this all-star band features Faliq Auri on saxophone, Tam Cobain on guitar, Efry Arwis on bass and Rajwan on drums. Not to be missed, their swoon-worthy mega hit "Anugerah Terindah" and "Isteri" are love songs whose smooth soulfulness has quickly become a homegrown favourite.

Visit https://www.dfp.com.my/lochestraalifsatarandthelocos

The Play: Malam Takdir

Image courtesy of Five Arts Centre

“Malam Takdir” is a new opera by Johan Othman, that is inspired by the epic Mahabharata. The story revolves around an imagined conversation between a king who was born blind, and his advisor, on the eve of a predestined war that would see all his 100 sons killed in battle. In this conversation, the advisor tries to convince the king to stop the war. Fully aware of the tragic fate that awaits his sons, the blind king nonetheless allows the war to proceed, choosing instead to take a gamble with destiny, with the hope that his 100 sons will triumph and inherit the throne. What unfolds is an argument that brings to the fore, a story of hope and betrayal, fate and human volition. 

"Malam Takdir" gives contemporary expression to a story inspired by a piece of classical text that is common to the South-East Asian region. By using a combination of music, movement and the national language, the opera refreshes tradition and carves out new relevance for our inherited cultural heritage.

Visit https://pjpac.com.my/

The Style: Style Talk with Jack Wang 'The Shoe Maker'

Image courtesy of Wardrobe

Wardrobe is inviting us o an afternoon Style Talk dedicated to the art of made-to-measure men's shoes featuring the ace shoe-artisan, Jack Wang ‘The Shoe Maker’. They will unravel the secrets behind the creation of exquisite custom shoes. Jack Wang will share his insights, experiences, and creative processes, offering a unique glimpse into his artistic journey and the artistry behind every exceptional pair of masterpieces. Immerse yourself in the world of meticulously handcrafted footwear, where every stitch and detail reflect the skill and dedication of master craftsman.

Visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/style-talk-with-jack-wang-the-shoe-maker

The Arts: Yayasan Sime Darby Arts Festival (YSDAF) 2023

Image courtesy of KLPAC

Malaysia’s biggest free-for-all arts festival has finally returned after five long years.From the contemporary to the traditional, mainstream to the experimental, expect to feast on something different at every turn and every corner be it shows, hands-on workshops, art installations, film screenings and more.

Visit ysdartsfestival.com.my

The night out: Damansara Heights's activity bars

Image courtesy of Benang The Second Chapter

From darts to shuffleboard, mini-golf to ping pong, there are plenty of options in the capital. Our nightlife choices? For delicious BBQ in the neighbourhood, head to Umamet. And for party, head to Benang The Second Chapter.


Image courtesy of SEARCH

Since its inception way back in the 80s and up to this day, SEARCH has consistently been on the radar of internationally acclaimed concert and event organisers resulting in a steady stream of invitations to entertain our fans from around this region. Each one of SEARCH’s concerts are unique in its own way, and the FANTASIA BULAN SALJU concert is no exception. Diehard fans of SEARCH would notice that the title of this concert is inspired by one of SEARCH’s monster hit, Fantasia Bulan Madu, which is widely regarded as one of the most important 90s rock anthems (other than Isabella, another smash hit).

FANTASIA BULAN SALJU is the culmination of SEARCH’s career spanning four decades. The band has all experienced so much during this period – both good times and the bad times. As a group, this is the core of SEARCH and the members wouldn’t have it any other way.

Visit https://www.rwgenting.com/en/entertainment/search-fantasia.html

The Art: Orientalist Paintings: Mirror Or Mirage?

Image courtesy of Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

The current exhibition at the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM), titled Orientalist Paintings: Mirror Or Mirage?, marks another significant chapter in the ongoing exploration of the relationship between Europe and America, and what was once referred to as the Orient, by IAMM. Compared to previous IAMM exhibitions surrounding Orientalism, the current show Orientalist Paintings: Mirror Or Mirage? is larger in scale, both in terms of exhibition space and the number of artworks on display. Featuring over 110 paintings spread across two galleries, this exhibition offers a more extensive exploration of Orientalist paintings.

Visit iamm.org.my

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