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The classiest things to do in Kuala Lumpur this March 2023

By Lifestyle Editor

Photo: Tun Abdul Razak & JFK (Courtesy of The White House)

From classical music to polo match, this is GC’s roundup of the classy things to do in KL this month, for a man of refined taste.

Picture: HRH Prince Mateen

For executive leadership

Building Your Executive Presence, an Online Public Speaking Workshop by Harvard Kennedy School

22 March @ Zoom

​Tunku Naquiyuddin Tuanku Jaafar, John F. Kennedy, and Prince Mateen. What do they have in common? The answer is "Executive Presence".

Harvard Kennedy School will be organising a free webinar "Building Your Executive Presence, an Online Public Speaking Workshop". ​Alison Shapira, HKS Adjunct Lecturer, CEO and Founder, Global Public Speaking, LLC will be sharing:

i. Understand how executive presence shapes others' perceptions of our leadership ability,

ii. Learn 5 key elements to develop your executive presence, and

iii. Walk away with practical, customized tools to build your executive presence.​

Register for Zoom Link HERE.​

Picture: Domenico Nordio

For Classical Lover

11 March 2023 @Istana Budaya

Classical Concert Featuring Italian Soloist, Domenico Nordio

The Classical Concert Featuring Italian Soloist, Domenico Nordio will be the inaugural programme for National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) in conjunction with its 30th Anniversary celebrations. Among NSO’s overseas performances are at the Esplanade, Singapore (2003), Tokyo and Osaka, Japan in conjunction with the Asia Orchestra Week 2004.

This collaborative programme with the Embassy of Italy in Malaysia will feature the prominent violinist, Domenico Nordio. His talent in mastering the violin musical instrument has engraved his name on the international stage as he was often invited to perform with the leading orchestras in the world.

For tickets, click here

Picture: HRH Tunku Zain Al-Abidin Ibni Tuanku Muhriz

For thinkers and intellectuals

3rd Malaysia Conference Outlook (MOC) 2023

9 March 2023 @ InterContinental Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Hosted by IDEAS Malaysia since 2021, Malaysia Outlook Conference (MOC) has a strong following among policymakers, policy analysts, economists, civil society and academics, as a platform to engage in robust discussions on issues impacting on the nation and region, including economic issues, trade, human capital, political movement in Malaysia and socio-politics.

This year, hosted physically for the first time, with the theme “Malaysia’s Turning Point: Opportunity Amidst Volatility”,  MOC covers relevant issues vis-a-vis Malaysia's political movements, including the new government’s priorities and the economic outlook in 2023 and beyond in Malaysia. MOC will deliberate on what the new government’s direction is after GE15, especially in the areas of policy direction, race relations and politics, as well as the rivalry between secular and religious political visions in Malaysia.

To register, click here

Picture: Royal Malaysian Polo Association (RMPA)

For gentlemen sports

RMPA Medium Goal Polo Tournament

12 March - 18 March @Taman Ekuestrian Putrajaya

The RMPA first tournament is here. Everyone is invited to watch an exciting polo match while enjoying a day of picnicking, divot stomping, and more!

Entry is free.

Picture: Tun Abdul Razak and JFK

For heritage & patriotism

Kemajuan Teknologi Melayu Melalui Fabrikasi Keris

4 March @ Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

A comprehensive study was conducted on the keris fabrication process, including studying the microstructure, elemental composition and mechanical properties of keris blades in Malaysia. Laboratory analysis found that the blade of the dagger has various features that match modern technology. These discoveries prove that the Malay community has technological progress since the beginning that the younger generation can be proud of.

To register, click here

Picture: Wicked Music People

For creative person

VISIONS - Music & Imagery of the Baroque

24 March - 26 March @ KLPAC

Following the successful sold out show ‘Baroque Elegance’ last year, Wicked Music People and The klpac Orchestra are back with another exciting collaboration!

VISIONS – Music & Imagery of the Baroque is a confluence of the past and present — baroque music on period and modern instruments in unison with a rich digital tapestry crafted by award-winning creative talent Zen Lin Tan.

With operatic arias of the 17th and 18th centuries sung by veterans Chi Hoe Mak and Yiling Chiang, as well as a diverse selection of instrumental works by Henry Purcell, Michel Corrette and J.S. Bach featuring guest flautist Keiko Nakagawa, Visions reaches into history through the technology of today to present an experience that is unique and immersive.

For tickets, click here

Picture: KL Shakespeare Players

For classical drama fans

Shakespeare Demystified: MACBETH

18 - 19 March @ KLPAC

Macbeth is one of Shakespeare's finest plays, and presents a man's conscience and the effect of guilt on his mind. A dark and bloody play, Macbeth explores reality and illusion; witchcraft and the supernatural; ambition and kingship; the natural order; light and life, darkness and death.

The themes and characters in Macbeth still resonate after 450 years. We still find Macbeth-and-Lady Macbeth-like characters, going through the similar treacherous journey of the unrighteous usurpation and clinging on to power and finally falling from grace. These characters go from being well-respected heroes to detested zeros.

For tickets, click here

Picture: University of Cambridge

For first-class minds and strategic thinkers

The Clare Hall Tanner Lecture on Human Values 2023: Paul Krugman and Meg Jacobs

15 March @ Zoom

The 2023 Tanner Lecture at Clare Hall will be given by the Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman, Professor Emeritus at Princeton University, together with Professor Meg Jacobs, Senior Research Scholar at the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs. They will explore current and historic inflation.

Ahead of the Lecture, Paul Krugman shares:

‘What have we learned about inflation? The sudden resurgence of inflation after 35 years of quiescence has called a lot of what we thought we knew into question. Optimists, myself included, were proved wrong by the surge — but pessimists making analogies with the 1970s have been equally wrongfooted by the rapid decline in 2022. And we’ve learned a lot more than we wanted to about the limitations of data. Nonlinear pricing seems like the best story at this point, but anyone making confident predictions hasn’t been paying attention.’

Meg Jacobs adds:

‘Today, with inflation at near historic postwar highs, policymakers have turned to monetary policy as the preferred solution. But it has not always been that way. In this lecture I will look back over the last century and a half to uncover a long history of alternative interventions.’

About the speakers

As one of the world’s best-known and most acclaimed economists, Professor Paul Krugman speaks on the leading issues of the day affecting the world economy. An insightful, outspoken Op-Ed columnist for the New York Times, he is a passionate and articulate speaker, with a gift for relating global economic events to his audiences, and is committed to speaking the truth as he sees it in the most compelling terms. His twice-weekly Op-Ed pieces for the New York Times model the depth of insight and the unflinchingly outspoken style he brings to his speeches. Professor Krugman won the 2008 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his ground-breaking work on international trade and economic geography. He is the author or editor of 20 books and more than 200 papers in professional journals and edited volumes. Professor Krugman is one of the founders of the ‘new trade theory’ – a major rethinking of the theory of international trade – for which he received the John Bates Clark medal in 1991 from the American Economic Association, a prize given every two years to ‘that economist under forty who is adjudged to have made a significant contribution to economic knowledge’. He is also the leading pioneer in economic geography — the economic dynamics that determine how and why certain places (like Silicon Valley) end up specialising economically and the advantages this kind of clustering brings to companies and economies. The overarching theme to his work: bringing the theory of increasing returns into the economic mainstream.

Professor Meg Jacobs is a Research Scholar in the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs teaching courses in public policy and history. She received her PhD in 1998 from the University of Virginia and was an Associate Professor of History at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has been a Fellow at the Harvard Business School, the Charles Warren Center, and the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies. Her book Panic at the Pump: The Energy Crisis and The Transformation of American Politics in the 1970s looks at why American politicians failed to devise a long-term energy policy. She is the author of Pocketbook Politics: Economic Citizenship in Twentieth-Century America, which was published with Princeton University Press and won the Organization of American Historians’ 2006 prize for the best book on modern politics.

For any queries, including regarding in-person spaces, please email Tam Marshall-Watts, College Registrar, via college.registrar@clarehall.cam.ac.uk

To reserve a spot, click here

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