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5 Things Successful People do When They Go Out in the Evening

With all of that tradition, upbringing, and influence, you can bet that successful people know how to spend their evenings out. More often than not it involves doing something classy…

By Lifestyle Editor


Consistently eating out at the finest restaurants is one of the perks of being very successful and they will have been to the finest restaurants on every continent. Cilantro Restaurant, DC Restaurant, and Dewakan are all sampled on a fairly regular basis.


Many of the successful are great patrons of the arts and spend their time enjoying theatre and opera on the grandest stages. Istana Budaya (Palace of Culture) is prohibitively expensive for the majority to be frequent visitors, for the successful however, a trip here is just a standard evening out.


Being very successful means being part of high-society which, in turn, means that they are probably invited to a plethora of events hosted in some of the world’s greatest cities. Private views at galleries, launch parties for designer brands and business functions in the most opulent settings imaginable – all free to attend of course.

From Left to Right: Cilanto Restaurant, Istana Budaya, Bon Zainal, Bankers Club Kuala Lumpur and Taman Ekuestrian Putrajaya


Not one that’s playing minimal tech – but rather one that has grand furnishings, large oil paintings and a billiards room; the gentleman’s club. Many successful people enjoy the exclusivity and serenity of a club, institutions like Bankers Club Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian Petroleum Club, and Havana Club Kuala Lumpur have extremely venerable members indeed.


Many of the successful are keen amateur sportsmen and will leave the grind of the office only to do battle in a sporting arena. They may head to their (undoubtedly) private sports club to play polo or equestrian, or even be a member of their office football team. The successful are born competitors you see, and constantly need something to compete in.