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"Live Well, Travel Well": Experience life through a different lens with Banyan Tree Group

Banyan Tree Group invites guests to embark on a journey of exploration, new possibilities, and self-discovery.

By Lifestyle Editor

Picture: Angsana Corfu

Travelling has the power to transform our perspective. In unfamiliar  surroundings, the ordinary becomes captivating, unlikely connections are forged, and discomfort awakens  our senses to deeper insights. As we explore new destinations, we discover different parts of ourselves, and  open entirely new worlds.  

Showcasing an extraordinary array of offerings across its diverse portfolio of hotels, resorts, spas, and  gallery outlets in various countries, Banyan Tree Group invites guests to embark on a journey of  exploration, new possibilities, and self-discovery. 

From 15th September to 15th October 2023, the annual "Live Well, Travel Well" campaign invites travellers  to immerse themselves in the world of Banyan Tree Group's multi-brand Hotels and Resorts, indulge in  rejuvenating Spa experiences, discover exquisite craftsmanship at the Gallery, and experience the  exceptional personal care line, Essentials

Join in celebrating Banyan Tree Group's anniversary as they invite you to experience life through a  different lens: 

• Stay longer to explore some of the world’s most spectacular locales with up to 40% savings at  select accommodations, ensuring exceptional value and creating unforgettable experiences. • Rejuvenate between adventures with 35% off à la carte Spa treatments with 35% off (excluding  beauty and facial treatments, and other promotional treatments). 

• Support artisan communities and gain an appreciation for indigenous crafts with 35% off retail  items (excluding consignment and other promotional items) at Gallery. 

o Take the spa experience home with the Essentials personal care line at 35% off on  purchases over USD 150. 

This multi-brand campaign encapsulates the essence of living well and travelling well, highlighting the  Group's commitment to prioritising wellness across all its offerings. For more information and reservations,  please visit www.banyantreegroup.com/offers/live-well-travel-well

Banyan Tree Nanjing Garden Expo

Banyan Tree Bintan

Banyan Tree Samui

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