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ÀNI Thailand: The jewel of Koh Yao Noi, an unspoiled Thai island

ÀNI Thailand aims to provide  guests with a sense of family and home by delivering warmth and unparalleled  generosity, pure relaxation and time and space for them to focus on what is important  to them. 

By Lifestyle Editor


ÀNI Thailand nested in lush gardens with captivating views of Phang Nga Bay, is  located at a jewel-like, exclusive beach gateway on the east coast of Koh Yao Noi  Island. Situated equidistant from Phuket to the west and the mainland Krabi to the east, ÀNI Thailand can be reached in 35 minutes by speedboat from either of these  islands. Signifying 'Little Lengthy Island', Koh Yao Noi is described by abandoned  seashores, safeguarded mangroves, beautiful rice paddies, and a verdant interior.  Fishing towns and ranches dab the generally uninhabited, 19-square-mile (50-sq.km) island, famous for its easygoing speed of life and warm Southern Thai culture. 

Accommodating up to 20 guests, ÀNI Thailand features a large main swimming pool, many living and dining facilities, and an experienced team of 22 to curate every detail  of an all-inclusive ÀNI experience. There are no hidden costs or price lists where the  stay has already included everything you need, from every personalized meal and spa  treatment, to tailored excursions and kids’ activities. ÀNI Thailand aims to provide  guests with a sense of family and home by delivering warmth and unparalleled  generosity, pure relaxation and time and space for them to focus on what is important  to them. 

Following the growing demand for luxury that has a purpose and a sincere desire to seek out real and unique travel experiences, ANI Thailand's carefully selected experiences that connect guests with colourful residents and provide enlightening glimpses into the tiny island's way of life,  character, and philosophy. 

Breakfast in the paddy fields 

Guests will have the opportunity to ride in a stylish motorcycle sidecar to reach  "The Noodle Shop," a highly-regarded rice paddy field restaurant popular among  locals of all ages. A Thai breakfast of egg-and-crab fried rice, exotic fruit, and sticky  rice can be savored in this charming setting. Sukanya and Chalothorn Hapolkla, 

the restaurant's young, married proprietors who go by the names Ja Yam and Bang  Mee, provide warm hospitality and encourage guests to indulge in their freshly  prepared rice noodles. They also offer insights into the various rice varieties  grown in the surrounding paddy fields and sold in Koh Yao Noi town, including  Jasmine, Suphan and Pathum, sticky rice, riceberry, and low-GI RD43. The serene  scene of buffalo grazing in the distance and cranes keeping watch adds to the  restaurant's tranquil ambiance. 

The Rubber Plantation 

Guests can explore the island while riding in ÀNI Thailand's tuk-tuk, in search of  a secluded rubber plantation. Guests will have the chance to meet Mah, a 62-year old woman who owns a sprawling five-acre plot of rubber trees. Mah has 350 trees  to tap each day to release the latex, which is then collected and dried to yield  rubber. Her family has owned and operated the plantation for generations, and  she takes great pride in demonstrating the process of tapping the trees to the guests. Additionally, Mah is an enterprising individual, who also owns a mini-mart  and sells petrol. This is an excellent opportunity for guests to recall their  geography lessons from earlier years and to gain a deeper understanding of how  rubber is produced for tires and other everyday items in the Western world. 

Koh Yao Noi Town Centre 

Koh Yao Noi is a quaint town with a bustling atmosphere, reminiscent of a charming  village. Guests can spend a few hours exploring the town center, making new feline  friends, sampling various beverages, and purchasing vibrant souvenirs from the  many market stalls. The locals are extremely welcoming and are delighted to share  information about their delectable offerings, including a variety of sticky rice  pouches. They are also happy to discuss their home-made, bio-organic fertilizer  and the process of producing it using water, eggs, and fish sauce. Guests will  appreciate the fruits of their labor when they sample the tiny finger bananas, which  are incredibly sweet and flawless. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication  of these homegrown heroes. 

Batik Lessons 

Guests can learn the intricate art of batik painting with the skilled local ladies of  the island, led by Ms. Sapiyah Yusoh, affectionately known as Ja Cha, and her  colleague to share their 20 years of knowledge and expertise at ÀNI Thailand.  After showcasing their own stunning creations that adorn the space, they will  encourage guests to pick up a pencil and sketch their own design. The drawing is 

then outlined with hot wax, requiring a steady hand and precision. Finally, guests  can add color by selecting from a range of hues that can be blended to bring the  batik to life. This painting process is highly meditative and creative, with a serene  atmosphere in the room as guests work on their individual creations with  encouragement from one another.  

Fish Conservation Nursery 

The fish conservation center is the heart and soul of Koh Yao Noi, dedicated to  preserving the marine ecosystem. Guests are transported by long-tail boats to the  bay, where they will spend an hour or so with the nursery's team to learn about  their goals. Owner Kasem Ninsamut and his son, Chaowarin, also known as Chao,  collaborate closely with local fishermen to safeguard their livelihood. The nursery  has four primary objectives: breeding for sustainability to prevent overfishing;  breeding for conservation, where even crabs carrying eggs caught by fishermen are  brought to the nursery until the eggs have hatched, and the mothers are released  back into the wild; conservation efforts to care for injured fish; and education for  the future generation of fishermen, explaining which species require protection  and cannot be caught. 

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