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Harnessing the Power of Ginseng Root for Men's Health

Ginseng offers a multitude of therapeutic benefits, and scientific research supports its efficacy.

Article contribution by All Things Health Malaysia

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When a man experiences difficulties with erectile dysfunction, it can have a significant impact on various aspects of his life. Discover how ginseng root can assist in addressing this condition and similar issues.

Did you know that 52% of men experience erectile dysfunction (ED) at some point in their lives? Seeking professional treatment is a sensible approach, particularly if the issue is causing strain in a relationship's intimacy. Men facing such challenges may also consider utilising ginseng root (ren shen, 人参), which has been strongly associated with enhancing libido and sexual potency.

Continue reading to explore the advantages of incorporating ginseng root into a man's overall well-being, including sexual health.

How Ginseng Root Can Benefit Men’s Sexual Health

Ginseng offers a multitude of therapeutic benefits, and scientific research supports its efficacy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this herb is utilised to strengthen the body's qi (vital life force).

It can help alleviate fatigue by boosting energy levels, provide relief from cough and breathlessness by strengthening the Lungs, and promote healthy digestion while easing symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

Most notably, ginseng root is commonly utilised as a complementary treatment for various male sexual disorders.

Enhances the quality of erections

Anxiety and stress can have detrimental effects on a man's sexual life, as they can decrease testosterone levels and increase stress hormone levels. Additionally, they can affect the brain's signalling to the penis, leading to erectile dysfunction caused by inadequate blood flow.

TCM suggests that a disrupted flow of qi can hinder a man from achieving and sustaining firm erections.

Ginseng root is considered an effective remedy for these issues as it helps men in maintaining longer erections by:

a.    Alleviating stress: Ginseng root has stress-reducing properties that can help relieve anxiety and promote a more relaxed state of mind, thereby improving sexual performance.

b.    Boosting blood flow to the penis: Ginseng root is known to enhance cardiovascular health, which can lead to improved blood circulation throughout the body, including to the penis. This increased blood flow can support stronger and longer-lasting erections.

The benefits of ginseng root in improving erectile function can be attributed to its active component called ginsenoside. Ginsenoside stimulates the release of endothelial nitric oxide (ENO), which plays a crucial role in various physiological processes.

When it comes to erectile function, ENO helps ensure proper blood flow in the brain and triggers erections by relaxing the smooth muscles of the corpus cavernosum. The corpus cavernosum refers to the erectile tissue in the penis that becomes engorged with blood during an erection.

Furthermore, ENO also helps regulate conditions such as high cholesterol (hyperlipidaemia), high blood sugar (hyperglycaemia), and high blood pressure (hypertension), which can contribute to erectile dysfunction. By managing these underlying health issues, ginseng root indirectly supports better erectile function.

Increases sex drive

Scientific studies have provided evidence supporting the use of ginseng as a stimulant for male sexual function. In addition to that, TCM practitioners also recommend ginseng as a sexual performance enhancer for both men and women.

According to the Maryland University Medical Center, ginseng has the potential to improve a man's libido by helping him cope with stress more effectively. The herb may also help regulate fluctuations in a man's sexual desire, providing a more consistent level of interest in sexual activities.

Couples can incorporate ginseng extract in their life to enhance fertility.

Supports fertility

Ginseng root has been found to have potential benefits in boosting fertility by improving the movement of sperm through the reproductive tract. Additionally, ginsenoside, a component of ginseng, has been shown to enhance the motility and membrane integrity of thawed sperm compared to untreated sperm.

These research findings indicate that incorporating ginseng extract into cryogens used in fertility treatments may improve their effectiveness. Pre-clinical studies have also suggested that ginseng can increase sperm production and improve the quality of sperm, as well as potentially treat certain testicular disorders.


How to Use the Different Types of Ginseng Root Properly

Different types of ginseng are known to serve distinct purposes and target specific health concerns.

1.    Korean or Asian ginseng

For men with Yang-Deficient or Yin-Excess constitutions, Korean ginseng, also known as Asian ginseng, is often recommended. Korean ginseng has a warm nature and is known for its invigorating properties.

Both white Korean ginseng (peeled and dried) and red Korean ginseng (unpeeled and steamed before drying) can be found in liquid extract, powder, or capsule form. They can also be used to make decoctions by boiling the root in water.

2.    American ginseng

American ginseng, derived from the Panax quinquefolius plant, is known for its cooling properties. It can be found in various forms such as dried (tea), liquid extracts, powders, capsules, and tablets. In TCM, American ginseng is often used in combination with other ingredients to create personalised formulas.

Senior Physician Brandon Yew of Real Health Medical suggests that TCM recommends American ginseng for men who have Yin-Deficient or Yang-Excess body constitutions.

The evidence supporting the benefits of ginseng root for male sexual problems is substantial. However, it is important to consult with both clinical and traditional healthcare practitioners to address any underlying concerns before incorporating ginseng into your regimen. Working together with healthcare professionals can ensure the best possible outcomes.

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