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The M∙A∙C∙ clinic at Starhill is pioneering luxury aesthetic destination

With focus on safe, hygienic treatments executed by its well-trained and highly knowledgeable skin care professionals, The M∙A∙C∙ Clinic has been Malaysia’s steadfast aesthetic address to citizens and international expats for over 28 years.

By Grooming Editor

Picture courtesy of The M∙A∙C∙Clinic


GC is thrilled to spotlight the newly inaugurated The M∙A∙C∙Clinic at Starhill, the esteemed aesthetic brand’s third and most expansive location. Nestled in the prestigious and fashionable Starhill district of Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, this state-of-the-art clinic epitomizes luxury and advanced aesthetic care.

A Visionary Space by Dr. Hew Yin Keat

Spanning over 2002 square feet of opulent interiors, The M∙A∙C∙Clinic at Starhill is the brainchild of Dr. Hew Yin Keat, the Founder and Medical Director. The clinic’s design offers a serene escape from the city's hustle and bustle, featuring multiple consultation and treatment rooms, an exclusive VIP suite, and a luxurious Oxygen Bath Chamber designed for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.

Excellence in Aesthetic Treatments

Since its grand opening in February 2024, The M∙A∙C∙Clinic at Starhill has been dedicated to providing top-tier care, backed by a team of internationally experienced medical doctors and a knowledgeable support staff. With 28 years of medical aesthetic expertise, the clinic is equipped with cutting-edge technologies such as the Picosure Laser, Ultherapy, Syndeo HydraFacial, and OxyGeneo, offering a range of minimally invasive and non-invasive treatments.

A Leap in Medical Aesthetics: 3D Skin-Mapping and Multi-Frax Technology Demonstrated by Dr. Hew Yin Keat

During the interaction session, Dr. Hew Yin Keat showcased the latest advancements in 3D skin-mapping camera technology and Multi-Frax multiple wavelengths of light fractional technology, highlighting significant innovations that promise to revolutionize skin analysis and treatment.

3D Skin-Mapping Camera Technology

Dr. Hew introduced the attendees to the cutting-edge 3D skin-mapping camera technology. This advanced tool allows for an in-depth analysis of the skin, providing a detailed visual representation that can reveal underlying issues not visible to the naked eye. The technology captures high-resolution images and constructs a three-dimensional model of the skin, enabling precise diagnosis and personalized treatment plans. This level of detailed analysis is a game-changer in the field, offering insights that can significantly enhance the efficacy of skin treatments.

Multi-Frax Technology

In addition to the 3D skin-mapping demonstration, Dr. Hew presented the Multi-Frax technology, which utilizes multiple wavelengths of light in fractional treatments. This innovative approach allows for more targeted and effective skin rejuvenation. Multi-Frax technology is celebrated as one of the most significant findings in medical aesthetics due to its ability to address various skin concerns with minimal downtime and enhanced results. By employing different wavelengths, this technology can penetrate different layers of the skin, providing comprehensive treatment that improves texture, tone, and overall appearance.

Implications for the Future

The integration of 3D skin-mapping and Multi-Frax technologies represents a significant advancement in the field of medical aesthetics. These innovations not only improve diagnostic accuracy but also enhance the precision and effectiveness of treatments. For practitioners, these tools provide the ability to offer more personalized and effective care, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.

Pioneering Aesthetics Meets Advanced Technology

A recent highlight at the clinic was the interactive session on ‘Pioneering Aesthetics Meets Cutting-Edge Technology’ in collaboration with Multi-Frax, the world’s first double-wavelength patent laser. During this event, Dr. Hew elaborated on the safe and effective skincare aesthetic procedures that have cemented The M∙A∙C∙Clinic's reputation as a trusted destination for celebrities and locals alike.

Commitment to Safety and Hygiene

The M∙A∙C∙Clinic’s unwavering focus on safe, hygienic treatments carried out by well-trained and highly knowledgeable skincare professionals has made it a steadfast aesthetic address for both Malaysian citizens and international expats. With nearly three decades of excellence, The M∙A∙C∙Clinic continues to set the standard for aesthetic and wellness procedures.

M∙A∙C∙ Ambassador, Ms Ashlyn Ooi, Miss International Malaysia 2024 shared her experiences as a regular beauty and skincare fan of the clinic, whilst commending the team on its long standing reputation in the aesthetic industry in Malaysia and helping her support her own skincare wellbeing as a public personality.



GC continues to stay at the forefront of advancements in men’s grooming and medical aesthetics. The demonstration by Dr. Hew Yin Keat underscores the exciting developments that are shaping the future of skincare. As these technologies become more widely adopted, they promise to set new standards in the field, offering sophisticated solutions for those seeking to maintain a youthful and healthy appearance.

Experience Luxury and Innovation

GC invites you to discover the unparalleled luxury and innovative treatments at The M∙A∙C∙Clinic at Starhill. Whether you're seeking rejuvenation or a bespoke aesthetic experience, this clinic promises to deliver exceptional care and results.

To participate at The M.A.C. clinic next #interactwithmac, connect with them at mac.clinic.my@gmail.com.

Address: The M∙A∙C∙ Clinic, Lot UG15A & UG15B, The Starhill, 181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-2110 1781 / 2781

Mobile: +6012-928 2851

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