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Schwarzkopf Malaysia Launches "Back 2 Uni" Campaign With Its Got2b Haircare Range to Help Students Look Their Best

From colour, volume and shine to hold and spikes, the range is perfect for students who want to look their best while juggling their busy academic schedules.

By Grooming Editor

Picture: Tom Holland (courtesy from Getty)

As students gear up for the new academic year, Schwarzkopf Malaysia has launched a “Back 2 Uni" campaign to help them look their best. The campaign features a range of  Got2b products designed to help students create trendy and stylish hairstyles, no matter what their hair type.

The "Back 2 Uni" campaign includes a variety of Got2b hair styling product line-ups such as Got2b Glued, Got2b Volumaniac, Got2b Phenomenal and Got2b FARB/ARTIST Colour. These products offer students different ways to fully express themselves. From colour, volume and shine to hold and spikes, the range is perfect for students who want to look their best while juggling their busy academic schedules.

Hold It Together with Got2b Glued

Create gravity-defying styles that'll hold until your next shampoo with Got2b Glued range consisting of the Blasting Freeze Spray, Spiking Wax, and Ultra Glued Styling Gel.

Try Got2b Blasting Freeze Spray if want a scandalously strong hold or freeze-frame the results of the style you have already created. For those with a love for spikes, Got2b Spiking Wax is perfect as it moulds like a wax and holds like a glue to keep your spikes up without crunch. Last but not least, the Got2b Ultra Glued Styling Gel with Alpha XTR has the strongest hold. Its non-sticky formula allows plenty of time for styling and it would not freeze until you have pushed your style to the limit.

Be Dramatic with Got2b Volumaniac

Need to turn the volume up? With Got2b Volumaniac, you can create unbelievably voluminous styles. After all, the bigger the better!

Start with Got2b Volumaniac Bodifying Mousse that will give your style a crazy volume boost from root to tip. It will help you to achieve hair that’s up to four times fuller with dramatic and lasting hold. Then finish it with Got2b Volumaniac Volumizing Hairspray, a dry hairspray formulated to deliver insane volume without weighing hair down. This volume booster also helps protect your hair from drying out.

Express and Impress with Got2b PhenoMENal

Suit up and get phenomenally groomed with Got2b PhenoMENal, the barber shop-inspired grooming range. It has a new and improved formula that is vegan and free from silicones, parabens as well as mineral oils to keep your hair healthier. Now, creating your own style has never been so simple.

If you want your hair to have structure, definition, and a matte finish with strong hold, try Got2b PhenoMENal Texture Clay which works especially well on shorter hair. For a style that is neat and timeless, go for Got2b PhenoMENal Molding Paste that will give your hair a natural shine and an enduring hold. To finish, the Got2b PhenoMENal Matt Hairspray adds the final touch to your groomed style. The Got2b PhenoMENal Matt Hairspray provides a strong hold with a matte and natural finish. It also gives you fuller-looking hair with a subtle fragrance.


Going to university or college can be stressful and Schwarzkopf Malaysia wants to make it a little easier by providing students with the tools they need to look and feel their best. The 'Back 2 Uni' campaign is all about helping students create trendy and stylish hairstyles that are easy to achieve, and that will help them feel confident and ready to take on the new chapter of their life.

The ‘Back 2 Uni’ campaign is ongoing until 16 April 2023. Drop by Schwarzkopf Got2b combi van at different location throughout the campaign period to enjoy some freebies and fun-filled activities. To find out the location of Schwarzkopf Got2b combi van, stay tuned to Schwarzkopf's Instagram (@Schwarzkopf_my) and Facebook (@SchwarzkopfMalaysia) page.

Schwarzkopf Got2B is known for its high-quality and innovative hair styling products. Whether students are looking to have colourful hair, a sleek and straight style, curly and voluminous locks, or anything in between, Schwarzkopf Got2B has a product that can help them achieve their desired look.

Schwarzkopf Got2b products are available at all Watsons and Guardian nationwide. It is also available on Schwarzkopf’s official e-commerce stores on Shopee and Lazada.

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