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How to Reverse Male Pattern Baldness & Prevent Further Hair Loss

Everyone wants to know how to reverse male pattern baldness, from young adults to middle-aged gentlemen. Ultimately, a thick, healthy mane can boost a man’s self-esteem.

By Green Park Content in collaboration with All Things Health Malaysia

When it comes to hair, there are lots of so-called facts swirling around. Hair loss is normal, but how can you differentiate it from balding? Average daily hair loss is between 50-100 strands. Any more than that is considered as extreme hair shedding. There is a condition called androgenetic alopecia (better known as male pattern baldness) that causes a receding hairline for 80% of men with noticeably thinning hair. Is it possible to restore your crowning glory? First, you need to know the causes of your thinning hair. After that, you can identify how to reverse male pattern baldness.


Male pattern baldness can affect anyone and is the most common cause of hair loss in men. (picture credit: Jude Law | GQ)

What are the Causes of Male Pattern Baldness

 Stress, hormonal changes, and even your hairstyle can impact your hair health. However, there are two internal factors that can cause male pattern baldness. 

Genetics or family history

If your dad, uncle, or grandfather has balding hair, your risk of developing alopecia highly increases. Genetics directly influences a man's sensitivity towards dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It can cause hair follicles to shrink, resulting in strands that grow back shorter and thinner. As time goes by, these follicles will be closed and unable to grow new hair. 

Lack of nutrition

Like all organs in the body, your hair needs proper nourishment. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that internal organs directly affect hair & scalp conditions. Physician Lim Sock Ling, a TCM expert at All Things Health Malaysia who is also practicing at Eu Yan Sang clinic, says that the common cause of hair loss in men is from "an accumulation of dampness and heat in the spleen and stagnant qi (vital energy) in the liver." As it happens, reduced blood flow to the scalp will prevent the follicles from getting oxygen and nutrition. 

How to Reverse Male Pattern Baldness Without Surgery

From topical medication to hair transplant, you have plenty of treatment options. Even so, lifestyle changes and natural, holistic treatments can also help delay and reverse your balding head. All Things Health Malaysia shares several tips on how to reverse male pattern baldness.

The inserted thin needles can help stimulate blood vessels and nerves to minimize hair fall. (Picture credit: Advance Hair Studio)


This age-old practice works by stimulating blood circulation to the head. Studies have shown that acupuncture inhibits DHT formation, which helps in preventing hair loss. Moreover, acupuncture also stimulates the function of the cerebral cortex, hence improving brain electrical activity and increasing the alpha wave index voltage. Specifically, the alpha wave is responsible for inducing relaxation. Consequently, acupuncture will help improve your negative emotions due to aggravating hair loss.

Herbal concoction

TCM physician prescribes remedies based on the root cause of male pattern baldness. For instance, the consumption of herbal soup known as si wu tang is especially effective when we combine its four ingredients. White peony (Bai shao) and Rehmania root (shu di huang) can nourish the blood, whereas chuan xiong and danggui can regulate blood and qi. Drinking chamomile or rosebud tea may also help improve blood circulation.

"The patient should also avoid alcohol and foods that are cold, fried, spicy or sweet," advises physician Lim. These foods can disrupt the functions of spleen that can induce dampness and heat accumulation.

Diets to Promote Hair Growth

A balanced diet that includes iodine and vitamin E-rich foods can promote healthy hair growth.

A variety of nutritious foods on a white marble top

Don’t worry, you can still enjoy the occasional BBQ. However, you need to adopt mindful eating. Try to keep a balanced diet that is also rich in iodine and vitamin E. This type of diet mainly consists of:

· Fish

· Meat

· Beans

· Eggs

· Kelp or seaweed

· Celery

· Spinach

· Black sesame seed

These food categories are good for hair health — they can help strengthen hair follicles, improve thyroid function, and reduce lipid peroxidation and oxidative stress in the scalp.

Physician Lim deduces, "We cannot reverse hair loss due to genetics, but changing habits and addressing root causes which may be causing premature hair loss is certainly possible." If you start to see more of your scalp and less of your hair, this is your sign to start being proactive. Share this article with your friends who are also wondering how to reverse male pattern baldness. 

Interested to know more about TCM wisdom, health-related solutions, or answers to your bedroom problems? Check out All Things Health Malaysia to read in-depth information about your health and wellness, written by health experts.



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