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7 Habits of Well-Groomed Gentleman

Tips and tricks to keep you looking fresh and smelling good.

By Grooming Editor

We gathered the seven techniques of well-groomed gentleman —all of which you can adopt immediately.

1. SPF. Everyday.

You've gotta incorporate age-defying strategies into every part of your skincare regimen. In the morning, apply moisturizer with SPF to bounce UV rays and pollution. Coat yourself with suntan lotion before excessive sun exposure. Together, these prevent the skin from leathering, wrinkling, and developing dark spots (while also preventing skin cancer). Stay hydrated and minimize sugar and alcohol intake, prioritizing a full 8-hour sleep while wearing a night cream to accelerate the effects of cellular regeneration. If you're getting serious about anti-aging, get yourself a retinol prescription from your dermatologist.

2. When trimming your beard, two heads are better than one

Unlike the hair up top your head, the great thing about facial hair is that it’s all there in full view, and you’re able to manicure it yourself. Yet most guys just take a single trimming guard and go over their entire face with one setting, then they clean up the perimeter with a naked guard. That’s the overlooked thing about beards: Many of us neglect all the ways a beard can be styled, and in turn overlook the various detailing options that come with many beard trimmers.

3. Swap out your razor cartridge every 6 shaves

This is a core tenet of razor hygiene. It prevents the accumulation of dead skin, hair clippings, and bacteria. It also ensures a sharp, close shave, free of dragging, razor burn, and ingrown hairs. Between shaves, store your razor upright in a dry, ventilated space after rinsing it thoroughly.

4. And get a new toothbrush every 3 months

Per hygiene standards, your toothbrush’s bristles are rendered mostly ineffective after 3 months of use. They’re whittled, bent, and are just a few bucks to replace, so… replace them.

5. Use the blow dryer’s cold-air button

You know that cold-blast button on the blow dryer—it’s your shortcut to longer-lasting, faster-setting style. Once you’ve used the tool to give yourself the added volume, hold, or texture, you can finish with an all-over zap of cold air to set the hair product and go about your business. Pick out an blow dryer and get acquainted. Then just be careful about blasting your hair with too much heat during the process—there's such a thing as heat damage that no cool-air blast will correct.

6. Condition more, shampoo less

Here’s how to have “good hair days” back to back to back: Condition daily, and shampoo far less. While it’s a good way to flush away dirt, grime, excess sebum, and hair product, the truth is that a thorough rinse will handle most of that. Plus it will do so without stripping the hair entirely of its natural oils. If an oily scalp is the issue, then you should actually shampoo less in order to train the scalp. It will in turn produce less oil over time. Start with an every-other-day wash, and move slowly to every third or fourth day.

7. Improve your skin while you sleep

An overnight skincare regimen is the shortest path to clearer, firmer, and even-toned skin. This is because your body’s cells regenerate fastest while you sleep, and its systems work hardest to correct and restore themselves. The skin is no exception, which is why it’s imperative to cleanse before bed, and layer on a nutrient-dense night cream and/or anti-aging retinol products. When paired with a full 7-8 hours of rest, these products magnify the benefits of sleep on your complexion, as their own power is doubly effective in keeping your face hydrated, nourished, and youthful.

Picture: Oliver Cheshire @gettyimages