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5 stylish hairstyles to suit every gentleman

Here are our top 5 gentleman types with classic hairstyles that could stand the test of time.

By Nina Erlina

The year is 2021, and while we thought that the end of 2020 was our farewell to COVID-19. It highly seems unlikely now, however with a vaccine on the way, we could now see a sliver of hope that will make our days brighter again. Although we are on the precipice of another lockdown, it’s with hope that we could all enter a new world sporting a gentlemanly hairstyle.

To help you achieve handsome manes, here are our top 5 gentleman types with classic hairstyles that could stand the test of time. Read on for our suggested salons to help you out on your quest to gentlemanly tresses. 

  1. The Preppy


    This classic hairstyle will suit any men and face shape. Its easy to style for those who are not willing to spend a ton of time. A deep side part, some pomade and a comb, you are good to go. Sport this hairstyle with a clean shave, and you are ready for a date or a black tie event. This is one that George Clooney approves and frequently styles his hair. We guarantee if she is into preppy men, this hairstyle will get you some hairy time.

    Photo credit: menshairstyle

  1. The Modern

    If you are an open minded gentleman and loves trying out new styles. This hairstyle with volume could be for you. More suited for the chiseled face gentleman, it brings an aura of masculinity with a tinge of being feminine. A hairstyle that would take up your time in the mirror, but the end result will get you some wandering eyes from the ladies. Which gentleman regularly sports this look? Malaysian celebrity Azrel Ismail is rockin this modern style. And we definitely approve! 

    Photo credit: haircutinspiration

  1. The Bad Boy

The bad boy hairstyle is iconic and famous just because it gives us this aura of a man who woke up like this. It embodies a character that loves being sexy and has a way with the ladies. Reminiscent of the ultimate bad boy, James Dean, this low maintenance style does not take up alot of time and few minutes in front of the mirror, you are done! Who doesn’t love a bad boy! 

Photo credit: Pinterest

  1. The Blue-Blood

    A gentleman that comes from a lineage of men with class and aristocracy has long evolved, from the 1,700s where men whom were leaders and built empires, hairstyles consisting of wigs and such are long gone. New generations have evolved and so have their tresses. A hairstyle that exudes confidence, masculinity and business is a must. A volume quiff and sleek sides gives a notion of someone who is serious but approachable. One thing for sure, we definitely prefer the latter! 

    Photo credit: menshairstyles

  1. The Asian


A sudden rise in Asian culture and style has paved way for hairstyles that cater for gentlemen who appreciates elegance from the east. Notably, these stars are spotted with hairstyles that could very well be the one many would request for. The Asian gentleman would prefer his hairstyle to be more textured and layered which would give more depth to his face shape. What is not to love? 

Picture credit: hottesthaircuts


Planning to get a hairstyle like one of these lads? Choose GC's recommended salon in the Klang Valley that caters to men with class:

  1. Truefitt & Hill

  2. Gentlemen's Tonic


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