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Shaping the Future of Surgery: Sunway Medical Centre Velocity Raises Awareness on Surgical Advancements for Improved Outcomes

The advancement of medical technology has enabled patients to return to their normal routines sooner than expected, with shorter recovery times and hospitalisation periods

By Fitness Editor

Picture: Event attendees were able to use virtual reality simulations to experience how different types of surgeries are conducted, gaining a better understanding of various procedures.


Surgery has come a long way from the days of large incisions and lengthy recoveries. Today, due to advancements in medical technology, we have transitioned from traditional open surgeries to keyhole and minimally invasive surgeries which result in a much smoother recovery for patients.

These innovations have also equipped surgeons with new skillsets, such as proficiency in using advanced surgical machines, a better approach to surgical planning, and the ability to perform complex procedures with minimal incisions. The latest innovation is robotic-assisted surgery, where surgeons are assisted by advanced robots to perform operations with unparalleled precision and accuracy.

To shed more light on the advantages of these advancements, Sunway Medical Centre Velocity (SMCV) has launched the ‘Shaping the Future of Surgery’ campaign. As many still associate surgeries with long recovery times and painful procedures, SMCV intends to educate the public on how this improved healthcare technology can be beneficial to their wellbeing in the long run.

The 'Shaping the Future of Surgery' official launch event aimed to educate and raise awareness about the evolution of surgeries over the years through a VR simulation experience and a surgical milestone wall to highlight significant advancements in the surgical field.

Dato’ Dr Selvalingam Sothilingam, SMCV’s Consultant Urologist shares, “There is a lot of concern when it comes to invasive procedures, and the fear is not unfounded as there are many uncertainties that come along with any procedure. However, with the right combination of technology and skills, the patient will be able to return to their daily routines as soon as possible. This is why we have conceptualised this campaign to address their concerns and provide them with greater reassurance and peace of mind.”

Dr Khoo Chow Huat, Managing Director, Hospital and Healthcare Operations of Sunway Healthcare Group adds, “As healthcare technology advances, the advent of robotic surgery has transformed surgical procedures, offering improved outcomes for both surgeons and patients. These advancements allow us to better serve the needs of the community over time.”

(From left to right) Dr Wee Tong Ming, Medical Director of Sunway Medical Centre Velocity; Dr Khoo Chow Huat, Managing Director, Hospital and Healthcare Operations of Sunway Health Group; Dato’ Lau Beng Long, President of Sunway Healthcare Group; Ms Susan Cheow, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sunway Medical Centre Velocity; Dato’ Dr Selvalingam Sothalingam, Consultant Urologist; Ms Tee Siew Ching, Chief Operating Officer of Sunway Medical Centre Velocity.

With robotic-assisted surgery and the usage of da Vinci Xi and Mako SmartRobotics™️ Surgical Systems, there is also a reduced risk of medical complications resulting from surgery such as infections and blood loss.

Dato’ Dr Selvalingam, SMCV Consultant Urologist

‘Sooner Than Expected’ for a better quality of life

In order to showcase the realities and possible outcomes from robotic-assisted surgery, SMCV is showcasing how patients can resume their daily activities within a shorter timeline, leading to the introduction of the campaign’s tagline, ‘Sooner Than Expected’.

Robotic-assisted surgery comprises a greater range of movement, which allows surgeons to execute incisions with greater precision, leading to minimal scarring. This leads to shorter hospitalisation periods, which further helps with an enhanced recovery experience.

A main concern of patients regarding surgery is the amount of time they will need to be hospitalised, as well as the recovery period needed before they can return to their usual routines. To address this concern, the attendees at the campaign launch event had the opportunity to experience how conventional surgery, keyhole surgery and robotic-assisted surgery are conducted through virtual reality (VR) simulations to better understand how each of the surgery are conducted. This experience will enable the public to learn how surgeons perform each surgery, which will help ease their concerns about undergoing invasive procedures.

The ‘Shaping the Future of Surgery’ VR experience is open to the public until 30 th June 2024, providing an opportunity for everyone to explore and engage with these innovative experiences. Through this initiative, SMCV hopes to alleviate patients’ concerns of surgical procedures, and encourage them to find a route that works best for them with guidance from their trusted healthcare provider.

Dr Khoo (Managing Director, Hospital and Healthcare Operations of Sunway Healthcare Group) shares that advances in healthcare technology, especially robotic surgery, have transformed procedures and improved outcomes for both surgeons and patients.

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