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PUMA’s latest Autumn Winter W23 Motorsport collection races into Southeast Asia

PUMA SEA unveils latest Autumn/Winter (AW) 2023 Motorsport collection and announces inaugural Car Club event in SEA, set to feature electrifying performances and an appearance by PUMA’s Southeast Asia (SEA) Motorsport Ambassador, Choo Sung-hoon, a.k.a. Sexyama

By Style Editor

Buckle up and get ready! Global Sports Company PUMA, the powerhouse of the sports world, is making some serious noise in the world of racing. With its cutting-edge Motorsport category platform, PUMA is set to ignite the car culture narratives both on and off the track. 

The world of Motorsport is filled with adrenaline and electrifying atmospheres where high-performance vehicles and racers go head-to-head for the top spot. The social aspect of the sport adds to its allure as fans unite, passionately supporting their favorite teams. Being one of the most exhilarating sports classes today, Motorsport brings together the crème de la crème of brands in one stadium – a sight that thrills fans and Motorsport enthusiasts worldwide.

Today, PUMA introduces the highly anticipated AW 2023 Motorsport collection, bringing to the market the ultimate fusion of track-worthy performance and street-smart style. Racing to set a new lap record, PUMA unveils the collection of street lifestyle designed in collaboration with some of the world’s top motor brands. 

The latest Motorsport collection is launched across four markets in SEA – Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Philippines. Motorsport fans seeking a taste of the high-speed lifestyle can purchase T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, track pants, shorts, caps, and shoes – all specially fashioned to make you look and feel bold and dynamic as if you were on track.

The AW 2023 Motorsport collection by PUMA is available for purchase at selected PUMA stores and PUMA.com from 15 August 2023 onwards. All products range from RM159 - RM729. To learn more about the new collection by PUMA, visit  https://my.puma.com/my/en/motorsport-1.

Motorsport is among the most exciting things in the world to witness, which is why it’s one of my favourite things in the world to be a part of. I am thrilled to be given this opportunity to be a partner of PUMA, and I cannot wait to share more about how much racing, MMA, and life in general have in common. PUMA’s tagline is to be Forever Faster, which is exactly what Motorsport is meant to be!

PUMA’s SEA Motorsport Ambassador, Choo Sung-hoon

Apart from that, PUMA is also launching its inaugural Car Club event in SEA, with Malaysia being the event’s first stop in the region! PUMA’s first-ever Car Club event in SEA will be a celebration of excellence, inspired by the spirit of the Motorsport community through immersive and interactive experiences, showcases, and more. The event is set to take place on 25th August 2023 at Sentul Depot, Kuala Lumpur – once the finest integrated railway engineering hub in the 1900s, now regenerated into a must-visit lifestyle destination as part of YTL Land & Development Berhad’s masterplan for Sentul, hosting over 150 events.

The event will celebrate the power of endurance, resilience, and excellence in performance and style, inspired by the spirit of Motorsport. It will also feature a community of changemakers and Motorsport enthusiasts, who breathe life into the automotive culture, fueled by their passion and exhilaration for speed.

At the helm of the Car Club community is PUMA’s SEA Motorsport Ambassador, Choo Sung-hoon (a.k.a “Sexyama”), global MMA superstar and finalist of Netflix blockbuster reality series Physical 100! As passionate as he is in mixed martial arts, he is also a die-hard fan of Motorsport as it provides him with an equal amount of electrifying thrill that he experiences in the octagon.

Apart from Choo, who will be making a special appearance at PUMA’s inaugural Car Club event at Sentul Depot KL on 25th August 2023, the event also will feature a star-studded lineup of industry leaders from Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia who were specially selected to be part of #PUMACarClub community. All of whom are passionate Motorsport trailblazers who have fearlessly pushed their limits of endurance and excellence in their own pursuits of greatness. 

Representing Malaysia will be Jeremy Lim, Managing Director of Blackbyrd & Dragonfly KL; Huang Ean Hwa, a 30-year advertising & marketing veteran and avid restorer of classic Porsche-branded cars; Asep Ahmad Iskandar, Festival Director of Art of Speed Malaysia; Dato’ David Gurupatham, Barrister of the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple with three decades worth of experience; Dennis Yin, a Malaysian dancer, host, and popular influencer; and Remus Chang, Founder & Creative Director of Motorsport Playground and 911 Rebels.

PUMA’s Motorsport Tribe Captains from Singapore, on the other hand, are Gary Hong, Founder of TEN SQUARE, whose mission is to promote the spirit of #DoingGoodTogether; Douglas Khee, creative industry veteran with over two decades worth of experience with high-profile global brands; and Xu Bin, one of Singapore’s biggest heartthrobs and Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes.

Last but not least, from Indonesia, those representing PUMA as its Motorsport Tribe Captains are Jeffry Jouw (nicknamed Jejouw), Indonesian influencer with a keen passion for cars and sneakers; Hariawan Arif Maulana (Rifie), creative industry veteran and car enthusiast; and Boy Pablo, who founded bisaboy.com through his unstoppable passion for cars. 

Apart from featuring PUMA’s community of changemakers mentioned, exhilarating activations, games, and performances are also set to take place during the event, giving guests a taste of what it’s like to be immersed in PUMA’s extreme world of Motorsport. Attendees of PUMA’s exclusive event can expect action-packed appearances by popular hip-hop dance crew The Zeppo Youngsterz; singer, rapper, and actor Tosh Zhang; activities in collaboration with distinguished car The Driverz Club (Malaysia) and Horizon Drivers Club (Singapore); a featured lineup of dazzling luxury cars; and more!

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