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Parkcity Medical Centre Champions Men's Mental Health During International Men's Health Week

ParkCity Medical Centre (PMC) hopes to raise awareness towards improving men's mental healthcare in conjunction with the International Men's Health Week from June 12 to June 18, 2023.

By Fitness Editor

Picture: Parkcity Medical Centre

Men's mental health problems in Malaysia are often not talked about and ignored due to societal pressures and stigma. Recognising the unique challenges faced by men, ParkCity Medical Centre (PMC) hopes to raise awareness towards improving men's mental healthcare in conjunction with the International Men's Health Week from June 12 to June 18, 2023.

Understanding Men's Mental Health

Men's mental health issues can often manifest differently from women. Men may be more inclined to suppress their feelings, avoid seeking help, or engage in destructive behaviours due to various factors such as cultural norms, socialisation, and individual coping mechanisms. Furthermore, certain mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety, can present differently in men, leading to underdiagnosis or misdiagnosis.

Empowering men to openly discuss their emotions, promoting mental health literacy, and offering accessible resources are crucial steps toward fostering a healthier society that supports the well-being of all individuals, regardless of gender. PMC recognises and addresses the unique aspects of men's mental health, tailoring specialised care to meet their specific needs.

“We proudly recognise June as Men’s Health Week and we want to bring special attention to men’s mental health and wellness as this topic is often overlooked. Mental health and wellness are paramount as it not only affects our emotional, psychological, and social well-being but eventually, our physical health when left untreated. We recognise and address the unique aspects of men’s mental health, tailoring specialised care to meet their specific needs. By raising awareness, we aim to encourage open conversations and offer effective, supportive treatments to those in need” .

Ms Tan Pei Jun, a Clinical Psychologist and Unit Head at PMC.

Ms Tan Pei Jun, a Clinical Psychologist and Unit Head at PMC.

Embracing Mental Health and Masculinity

Traditional ideas of masculinity often discourage men from expressing emotional distress, which leads to silent suffering. Recognising the consequences of this societal expectation, Ms Tan emphasises the importance of reshaping these ideals. “Seeking help is an act of courage and resilience, reflecting our shared humanity and the recognition that none of us is perfect. It is important to acknowledge that reaching out for support is not a sign of weakness but rather a testament to one's strength and commitment to their well-being. By embracing their mental health, men can cultivate healthier relationships with themselves and others, leading to enhanced overall well-being."

Early Intervention for Better Outcomes

Early intervention is crucial for better mental health outcomes. Just as physical health concerns may initially manifest as subtle symptoms, mental health challenges in men can also present in various ways. These signs may include a lack of energy/fatigue, sleep patterns, appetite, increased use of alcohol or smoking and difficulty concentrating. However, these early indicators are often overlooked or dismissed, leading to mental health conditions.

Ms Tan states, “Regular mental health checks can help individuals gain a deeper understanding of their emotional state and equip them with strategies to manage stress, cope with challenges, and maintain mental resilience. Have an open and honest conversation, whether with your healthcare professional, family or friends. Regular mental health checks help foster self-awareness, early detection of potential mental health issues, and the implementation of appropriate strategies to maintain or improve mental well-being.”

Holistic Wellbeing Beyond Mental Health

Beyond mental health, PMC takes a holistic approach by considering their overall well-being. They believe that mental, physical, and social well-being are interconnected. They advocate for a comprehensive perspective that addresses all aspects of men's lives, empowering them to flourish in every area.

PMC emphasise the significance of supportive relationships, social connections, and a sense of belonging in fostering overall well-being. Their healthcare professionals collaborate with patients to explore their social networks, community resources, and support systems, working together to cultivate a supportive environment that nurtures social connections and promotes emotional strength.

Supporting Men's Mental Health in the Workplace

Work-related stress can significantly impact mental health, affecting productivity and overall health. PMC offers guidance for businesses to support the mental health of their male employees, fostering a healthier work environment. Through guidance and initiatives, PMC aims to cultivate healthier workspaces that enhance employee well-being, leading to increased productivity, job satisfaction, and a positive work-life balance.

Ms Tan concluded, "It's time to break free from the chains of silence and stigma. Men deserve to be heard, seen, and supported in their journey towards mental health. It takes strength to acknowledge and address one's emotional struggles, and seeking help is an act of courage, not weakness. We must create a society that embraces vulnerability, compassion, and understanding. Together, we can champion men's mental health and build a future where every man feels empowered to prioritise his well-being."

For more information on PMC and its services, visit https://parkcitymedicalcentre.com/



ParkCity Medical Centre is a 300-bed full-fledged multi-disciplinary hospital strategically located at the juncture of Bandar Manjalara Kepong and Desa ParkCity. Amidst a soothing environment of rolling hills, structured suburbs and a bustling busy township, PMC is the preferred medical centre for the surrounding community. The hospital building is designed based on the carbon-foot print concept with a warm and vibrant ambience to provide patients with a calming environment for their ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. Positioned as your family-friendly hospital, PMC aspires to be a regional leader in the specialities of Women, Children, Pain Management and Geriatric Health.

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