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3 in 4 Malaysian men admit facing erectile challenges

Alpro Pharmacy and Viatris join forces for better men’s health.

By Fitness Editor

Photo Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain

In light of the pressing concerns affecting men's well being, Alpro Pharmacy recently conducted a survey revealing deep insights into the  challenges and viewpoints of men regarding their overall health. Notably, sexual well-being  emerged as a pivotal component, with 78.6% of the 345 respondents facing difficulties in  maintaining an erection to complete sexual intercourse. These findings underscore the  pivotal role of sexual health, alongside physical and mental well-being, in shaping men's  overall sense of wellness. 

Alarmingly, the survey revealed that men of all age groups, especially those under 40, are  facing increasing challenges in this area, sparking concerns about the state of men's sexual  health in the modern world. To address this, Alpro Pharmacy — Malaysia's largest  pharmacy chain — and Viatris, a global healthcare company, have joined hands to initiate  the Alpro Men's Health Teleconsult. This dedicated platform aims to provide expert  guidance and create a secure space for men to discuss and seek solutions for various health  issues, from sexual health to male infertility. 

Breaking Barriers for Better Men's Health 

To delve deeper into the pertinent topic, a roundtable discussion was organised with  distinguished panellists such as Consultant Urologist Dr. George Lee, Senior Consultant  Psychiatrist Dr. Hatta Sidi, and Pharmacist Ru-Luen Then. Key stakeholders from both Alpro  Pharmacy and Viatris graced the occasion to lend their voices and insights, fostering a rich  dialogue on the multifaceted nature of men's sexual health challenges. 

During the discussion, Dr. George Lee emphasised that erectile dysfunction has  multifactorial causes, involving both physical and lifestyle factors. Chronic conditions like  diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol can contribute to the issue, which can be  worsened by unhealthy habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.  Adopting a healthier lifestyle, including stress reduction, a balanced diet, and regular  physical activity, can improve self-esteem and sexual confidence. Dr. George Lee also  stressed the importance of personalised and professional advice available through the  Alpro Men's Health Teleconsult, which operates longer hours compared to traditional  clinics and hospitals. 

Dr. Hatta Sidi added a mental health perspective, pointing out the emotional factors that  can contribute to erectile dysfunction. He explained that anxiety, stress, and self-esteem  issues could lead to difficulties in maintaining an erection. Communication and self-esteem  played a crucial role in shaping men's confidence and performance in bed. The impact of  partners' communication was particularly highlighted, as negative interactions could  further deteriorate men's self-esteem. 

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Pharmacist Ru-Luen Then brought in the community pharmacy perspective, highlighting  the role of pharmacists as approachable healthcare professionals who can provide  guidance and support on a range of men's health issues. He also addressed the potential  risks associated with obtaining medications online or through improper means, shedding  light on the dangers of unregulated products. Ru-Luen further emphasised the importance  of obtaining medications from reputable sources, adhering to prescribed dosages, and being vigilant about potential interactions with other medications, highlighting the  importance of medication safety. With the Alpro Men's Health Teleconsult serving as a  secure platform for men to seek assistance with erectile dysfunction and address various  health risk factors, individuals can benefit from expert advice and support, leading to an  overall well-being improvement.  

The Way Forward: Alpro Men's Health Teleconsult 

The collaborative endeavour between Alpro Pharmacy and Viatris underscores the  commitment to empower individuals to lead healthier lives by breaking barriers,  addressing the stigma surrounding men's health, and providing expert guidance. This  initiative is a significant step towards fostering better men's health in Malaysia.  

During the launch, Ph Lim En-Ni, Chief Pharmacist of Alpro Pharmacy, said, “We  acknowledge the sensitivity surrounding the discussion of personal health concerns. Our  goal is to carve out a secure space where individuals can comfortably discuss and seek  solutions for health issues ranging from sexual health to male infertility.” 

The initiative seems timely, given that a majority of the respondents displayed a readiness  to consult healthcare professionals and adapt their lifestyles for better well-being. It also  coincides with World Diabetes Day, highlighting the connection between sexual health and  diabetes. 

The survey results conducted by Alpro Pharmacy have shown that more than 90% of men  expressed their willingness to seek consultation and guidance from healthcare  professionals regarding men's health, thus suggesting a positive attitude towards  addressing health concerns”, remarked Jeff Bote, Country Manager of Viatris Malaysia. 

We are happy to work closely with Alpro Pharmacy on this Men’s Health Teleconsult page  as it helps patients access the right information and treatment from the right platform supporting our mission of empowering people worldwide to live healthier at every stage of  life,” he added, indicating the significance of this collaborative endeavour. 

Alpro Men’s Health Teleconsult is available daily from 9am to 10pm via WhatsApp +6019- 7021923 or https://www.alpropharmacy.com/services/mens-health-teleconsult/  

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