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Tower Fashion Eleganza 2023 will be showcasing the best of Malaysian designers at The Sky Deck, KL Tower

The prestigious event will be the highest fashion show ever held in Malaysia by showcasing the work of prominent Malaysian designers.

By Lifestyle Editor

In conjunction with World Skyscrapers Day, a grand record breaking fashion show will be held on the 9th September 2023 at the Sky Deck, which is 300m above ground level located at the Kuala Lumpur Tower (KL Tower), Malaysia’s popular landmark, and currently holding the record as the tallest communications tower in Southeast Asia and the 7th tallest in the world.

The inaugural event, appropriately named Tower Fashion Eleganza Kuala Lumpur 2023 (TFEKL23), will showcase the work of 15 top notch Malaysian designers including Radzuwan Radziwil, Carven Ong, Bon Zainal, Fizi Woo, Rasta Rashid, Kalima and Leslie Variyan (with more names to be announced soon), to be paraded by more than 75 of the country’s most sought after models. These designers, known for their exquisite aesthetics, polished construction, creativity, technical know-how, strong track record and unique point of view will feature their collection that combines various elements which include modern, traditional, stylish, innovative and of course, elegance of the highest order.

Creating another history as the first fashion show ever to be given the honour to be shown ‘live’ on TV by several RTM channels and media platforms, TFEKL23 is ideated and organised by Bon Fashion Legacy, Nuunaa Management, and Gentleman’s Code (GC). The event is also made possible attributable to dynamic collaboration with Menara Kuala Lumpur, Tourism Malaysia, DBKL, and KL Hop on Hop Off.

Datuk Abdul Hamid Shaikh - Managing Director of KL Tower, Suhaimi Sulaiman - Director General of RTM, Datuk Dr Ammar Abd Ghapar - Director General of Tourism Malaysia, Bon Zainal Harun - Founder and CEO of Bon Fashion Legacy and TFEKL and Co-Founder of GC, and Azhar Nadzir - Managing Director of Elang Wah Sdn Bhd

I am extremely thrilled by this massive collaboration effort put in by so many significant entities especially Menara Kuala Lumpur, RTM, Tourism Malaysia, DBKL and KL Hop On Hop Off. When I first talked about this fashion show some said I was crazy but it’s precisely that fact which lured me to the idea. I am thankful to our collaborators and together with the team I have now, I strongly believe that TFEKL23 will take off victoriously.

Bon Zainal, Founder and Director of Bon Fashion Legacy / Co-Founder of Gentleman's Code (GC)

The CEO of Malaysia Book of Records (MBOR), Jwan Heah, was also present at the PC as a show of support due to the event’s high degree of probability to be included in the MBOR as the highest fashion show ever actualized and successfully carried out in Malaysia (and in the region). Bon Zainal further mentioned that Her Royal Highness Tengku Permaisuri Selangor Tengku Permaisuri Norashikin has agreed to grace this historical event that coincides with the celebration of Hari Malaysia.

Picture: Datuk Abdul Hamid Shaikh Abdul Razak Shaikh

Keeping it short and succinct, Datuk Abdul Hamid Shaikh Abdul Razak Shaikh, Managing Director of Menara Kuala Lumpur Sdn. Bhd. conveyed, “On behalf of KL Tower, I hope that this will be an annual event as it will favourably profile this world renowned structure and attract more local and foreign tourists. Moreover, our collaboration with TFEKL23 correspondingly signals our support towards the thriving Malaysian fashion industry”.

Located atop Bukit Nanas at a breathtaking height of 421 meters, KL Tower was built blending the tower seamlessly with nature. Bukit Nanas is one of the oldest permanent forest reserves in Malaysia - gazetted in 1906 and was formerly known as Bucket Weld Forest Reserve. Covering an area of approximately 9.37 hectares, Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve is the only remaining virgin tropical rainforest in the heart of Kuala Lumpur serving as the green lung of the city. That said, KL Tower is the only tower in the world located within a forest adding to the fascination and magnetism of the tower.

Here are additional quotes from TFEKL23’s other prominent collaborators:

Kamarulzaman Mat Salleh, Mayor of Kuala Lumpur – “At DBKL, we are consistently on a mission to elevate the image of Kuala Lumpur as the capital city of Malaysia. In that respect, we are always ready to collaborate with any parties by virtue of our similar aspirations that supports our slogan, VisitKL. DBKL is proud to support TFEKL23 not only due to its exhilarating content and iconic characteristics, but ultimately uplifting two significant industries, fashion and/or retail and tourism, that are both important contributors to the country’s economy”

RTM is exhilarated to take on the challenge of broadcasting the TFEKL23 that will be held at KL Tower's Sky Deck. It will be the first fashion show to be broadcasted live on RTM. Truly a landmark event, it is one of RTM's approach to offer viewers something fresh and visually spectacular while recognizing the talent and huge potential of our homegrown fashion designers. TFEKL23 will also be broadcasted live on RTMKlik's OTT platform, Facebook and RTM's Tik Tok.

Suhaimi Sulaiman, Director General of RTM

Azhar Nadzir, Managing Director of Elang Wah Sdn. Bhd., the operator of Kuala Lumpur Hop On Hop Off – “KL Hop On Hop Off and Ronda Ronda KL buses operate to fuel KL’s domestic tourism. It connects almost 80% tourist attraction around KL on a daily basis, and I feel this would be a great way to promote an event that will profile Kuala Lumpur city in an imaginative and progressive light to locals and tourists around the city”.

World Skyscraper Day is celebrated on September 3 every year, as it falls on the birthday of American architect Louis H. Sullivan, who is fondly called the Father of Skyscrapers and is widely believed to have designed the first ones. At one time, the US had a monopoly on skyscrapers in the world with nearly all of the tallest buildings being in the country. The rise of China as the second largest economy in the world has seen nearly 3000 skyscrapers being built in the past three decades. Other countries like the United Arab Emirates have also capitalised on their new found wealth and modern ideology to create iconic skyscrapers like the Burj Khalifa.

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