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The vision of horological excellence: Bell & Ross opens doors at The Exchange TRX with a Night of Haute Horlogerie and Culinary Delights

It was more than a boutique opening; it was a carefully crafted experience, a testament to Bell & Ross' understanding of its clientele's desires.

By Lifestyle Editor

 Photos courtesy of Bell & Ross


Kuala Lumpur's financial heart, The Exchange TRX, hummed with an air of veiled anticipation. On 31 January, amidst the towering steel and glass giants, Bell & Ross wasn't simply unveiling a boutique; they were orchestrating an experience steeped in exclusivity and intrigue. A select few, comprising of the members of the Royal family, business leaders, Editor-in-Chief of prominent publications, and celebrities had received the enigmatic invitation: a rendezvous at the new Bell & Ross boutique at The Exchange TRX, followed by a dinner unlike any other.

Picture 1: (From Left) Mitch Wilson, H.E. Axel Cruau (Ambassador of France to Malaysia), Carlos Rosillo (co-founder and CEO at Bell & Ross), Tong Wei Chee (general manager of Bell & Ross Asia)

Picture 2: (From Left) Carlos Rosillo, H.E. Axel Cruau

Excitement crackled as guests, each a titan in their own right, arrived at the newly opened Bell & Ross boutique. Boasting a seamless blend of form and functionality, the boutique's interior echo the brand's philosophy, drawing inspiration from aircraft fuselage structures while integrating touches of natural sophistication with wooden furnishings.

Every corner of this boutique, from the carefully chosen materials to the layout and display units, is thoughtfully designed to echo the brand's commitment to precision, style, and durability. The result is an immersive environment that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Bell & Ross, where visitors can explore the brand's horological world while experiencing the same unwavering design language that defines the brand.

But the true revelation awaited. As the clock struck six, a discreet escort led the chosen few through a hidden passage at The Exchange 106, anticipation thrumming like a finely tuned engine. The undisclosed location, bathed in the warm glow, unveiled itself: a private haven exuding an atmosphere of elegant mystery.

For Bell & Ross, the ongoing and heightened expression of innovation within our brand and product  identity serves as a crucial compass guiding our journey into the future. Concepts and Haute  Horlogerie will propel us forward, pushing the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship to define  new horizons in the ever-evolving landscape of watchmaking. This commitment to innovation not only  preserves our legacy but also ensures that we remain at the forefront of horological excellence, captivating enthusiasts with groundbreaking concepts and exceptional timepieces.

Carlos  Rosillo, CEO and Founder of Bell & Ross

Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for arrived. Carlos A. Rosillo, CEO and Founder of Bell & Ross took the centre stage and presents Concepts & Haute Horlogerie. Bell & Ross views ‘Concepts” as THE source to nourish the brand’s DNA; to continue to imagine and dream and then to create and turn these dreams into reality. Concepts allow Bell & Ross the continued momentum to excel and inspire.

The Bell & Ross Haute-Horlogerie series is characterised by the use of exquisite materials and  meticulous craftsmanship, resulting in limited-edition masterpieces. These sophisticated timepieces  seamlessly blend exceptional performance, unwavering robustness, and high-quality design. 

Carlos then explained the The Bell & Ross Haute-Horlogerie series, characterised by the use of exquisite materials and meticulous craftsmanship, resulting in limited-edition masterpieces. These sophisticated timepieces seamlessly blend exceptional performance, unwavering robustness, and high-quality design.

With a flourish, the veil was lifted on the star of the evening: the BR 03 CYBER CERAMIC. Inspired by the sleek forms of stealth aircraft, its black ceramic case glistened with an almost otherworldly sheen, its sharp edges catching the light like whispered secrets. This was more than just a watch; it was a statement piece, a symbol of audacious design and cutting-edge technology, perfectly reflecting the air of exclusivity that permeated the evening.

Picture 1: Carlos Rosillo with BR 03 CYBER CERAMIC watch

Picture 2: (From Left) YAM Tangku Zatashah, Dato Setia Aubry Mennesson, Carlos Rosillo

Picture 3: Performance by Dewi Seriestha

At the helm of this culinary odyssey stood none other than Chef Raymond Tham, the visionary behind the Michelin-starred BETA KL. Drawing inspiration from French and Chinese gastronomy, he curated a three-course masterpiece that mirrored the evening's enigmatic allure. Think: delicate duck prosciutto infused with fig and purple sweet potato, followed by cod fish bathed in a braised white radish and fish consomme soup, given a thrilling twist. Each bite was a revelation, a testament to Chef Tham's ability to marry tradition with innovation, mirroring the very essence of Bell & Ross' ethos.

Three-course menu curated by Chef Raymond Tham, Executive Chef of BETA KL

As the night drew to a close, guests departed not just with a newfound appreciation for Bell & Ross' watchmaking prowess and Chef Tham's culinary artistry, but also with the lingering memory of an unparalleled experience.

The air of secrecy, the Michelin-starred culinary journey, and the unveiling of the in the groundbreaking domains of concepts and haute horlogerie, had woven a spell, solidifying Bell & Ross' position as more than just a watchmaker, but as a curator of experiences, crafting moments as exclusive and audacious as their timepieces themselves. It was a night where time transcended mere function, becoming a marker of belonging to a select few, privy to the secrets whispered within the walls of The Exchange TRX.

Picture 1: Ethan Chu, Azrel Ismail

 Picture 2: Fyza Kadir

Picture 3: Dewi Seriesta

Picture 4: (Left)Azrel Ismail, Uzair Haqimy, Tong Chee Wei, Elisha Sandha, Fyza Kadir, Ahmed Feruz

Picture 5: Carlos Rosillo

Picture 6: Elisya Sandha

Bell & Ross invites enthusiasts, collectors, and aficionados to join us on this exciting voyage. As we break new ground, we look forward to sharing our passion, vision, and the artistry that goes into creating each masterpiece.

Carlos  Rosillo, CEO and Founder of Bell & Ross

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