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Succeed of 10th Anniversary of Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC)

The tenth anniversary represents a pivotal milestone for DPAC as a cultural institution, signifying a decade of dedication, progress, and enduring commitment.

By Lifestyle Editor

Photos credit: Goh Bong Hiang

The 10th-anniversary press conference of the Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC) was held at DPAC Theatre. Established on May 13, 2013, DPAC has evolved from a vacant concrete ground to a significant landmark in the town of Damansara.

The 10th anniversary represents a pivotal milestone for any organization, signifying a decade of dedication, progress, and enduring commitment. It offers as an opportunity to reflect on past achievements while envisioning the future. As DPAC commemorates its ten-year journey, it is poised to lead the performing arts industry in Malaysia towards new horizons, embarking on a new chapter of growth and innovation.

Over the past 10 years, DPAC has expanded from hosting dance festivals and workshops to organizing international arts festivals, music festivals, festive performances, and other cultural activities. Throughout this journey, DPAC has remained committed to its core belief that "Art brings people together." As DPAC celebrates the 10th anniversary, DPAC aims to further enhance the synergy between the public and cultural domains, creating a more people- centric cultural space in Damansara.

DPAC has invited government agencies, various embassies, and distinguished figures from the arts and business sectors, including Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negara (JKKN) Selangor, Encik Khairul Anuar, Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Malaysia Director, Ellen H. Ko, Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur (JKFL) Director, Mr Tsukamoto, Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur (JKFL) Head of Cultural Affairs, Mr Tomokawa, High Commission of Canada, Mr. Dayalan, Russian Centre of Science and Culture, Ms Asiyat Tarchokova, Dr Alan Tan Tek Lai, Datuk Lee Hwa Cheng, PinkGuy Gallery Founder WinSon Lo, and Malaysian artist Chia Hoy Sai etc.

Picture 1 - Performance by Frhythms Percussion

Picture 2 - Opening speech delivered by the Founder of DPAC, Datin Jane

Our achievements today merely represent a modest contribution to the performing arts industry. While we rejoice temporarily, we are ready for greater challenges. Nevertheless, we will continue to uphold our belief that 'Arts Bring People Together.' Moving forward, our goal is to integrate arts into the everyday life of the public, making it a habitual part of their routines.

Datin Jane, the founder of DPAC

The press conference began with a performance by Frhythms Percussion, followed by an opening speech delivered by the Founder of DPAC, Datin Jane. Furthermore, she also revealed that there is a second theatre coming up. This new theatre is located at Empire City, Damansara, with capacity of approximately 500 seats, featuring an orchestra pit. “This new DPAC represents a new chapter in our journey. We hope that it continues to serve as a platform for all artists to shine, to inspire, and to captivate the audiences with their talent.” added Datin Jane.

After her speech, the conference invited Founder of DPAC, Datin Jane, JL Group Chief Operating Officer Mr. Chong Kin Leong, and DPAC's business advisor, Mr. Alan Lee to kick off the Opening Gong Ceremony, followed by an announcement on DPAC’s new initiatives. The new initiatives include upgrading of the ticketing platform, introducing customer loyalty programs and artists feedback program, supporting the collaboration between KL Shakespeare Players and the Japanese KIKH Bridge Project, co-organizing "Duo Performing Arts Festival 2023" with Good News Artspace, and organizing Damansara Children's Festival.

To celebrate the 10th year anniversary, DPAC has appointed ten artists from the performing arts industry as their spokespersons, including Mr. Tan Eng Heng, Mr. Tay Cher Siang, Miss Evelyn Toh Ching Ling, Mr. Ho Shih Phin, Mr. Thong Yoong How, Mr. Khairi Anwar, Mr. Yap Hong Ngee, KL Shakespeare Players, Professor Dr. Joseph Gonzales, and Miss Jo Kukathas (in no particular order).

After presenting commemorative honours to the ambassadors, the conference ended with two closing performances. A solo dance performance by Imran Syafiq, from the ASK Dance Company, followed by a duet by renowned Malaysian pianist and soprano, Mr. Tay Cher Siang, and Miss Evelyn Toh Ching Ling, who performed the song "You Raise Me Up," bringing the press conference to a close.

For more information on DPAC's upcoming events, please visit their official website www.dpac.com.my or contact their hotline at (+603) 4065 0001, 4065 0002.

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