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Millionaireasia x GC: High-Tea Session for Malaysian MsMA 2023 Competition Participants

Key Opinion Leaders, businesswoman, and influencers joined Millionaireasia's journey towards Empowering Women in Asia for Asians.

By Lifestyle Editor

Millionaireasia, in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to advocate for women empowerment, recently organised high-tea session for Malaysia MsMA 2023 Competition participants recently in full celebratory mode with the support from GC.

The high-tea session has also managed to gather prominent personalities and influential women to come together to network, inspire and to positively impact the lives of other women towards the acceleration of progress in a conceivably more sustainable world.

Embracing Four (4) of the Seventeen (17) Sustainable Development Goals namely, No Poverty, Good Health & Well-being, Quality Education, and Partnership, the launch of MsMA 2023 Competition in Malaysia aims to support Millionaireasia en route towards achieving its goals to Empower Women in Asia as valuable assets to Asians.

Via this initiative, Millionaireasia is positively resolved in creating more opportunities for women, which allows them to thrive in their respective communities.

Mr Peter Tan, CEO of Millionaireasia (Asia Pacific) gave an inspiring speech to empower women at the high-tea session

According to Peter Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Millionaireasia (Asia Pacific) headquartered in Singapore, “It is important for us to clarify that MsMA 2023 Competition is not a beauty pageant. Having said that, we would also like to reiterate that we have nothing against beauty pageants, but this competition is deeper than that, carrying with it a cardinal steadfastness and bigger purpose than a display of glamour and beauty.

He further explains, “For your information and also for the benefit of everyone out there, MsMA is a competition for women above the age of Eighteen (18) to advocate our guiding principle of Empowering Women through the promotion and power of branding which include Self-branding, campaigning an Idea and to eventually propagating the Value. It has already been launched in other countries in Asia, which include Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia.

A team of reputable mentors who are all experts in their respective industries will then be given the task to coach the selected finalists, to prepare them for their final challenge. The emerged Champion will be presented with the unrivalled winning prize of $1 million Singapore Dollars. She may also be casted in MsMA movies, and potentially gaining global recognition.”

Adding increased value to the competition, Millionaireasia has included a strategy that would allow the promotion and sales of personality video in the Quarter Final. This mechanism is designed to create a source of income for the women, through the voters. Similarly, the Introducer Scheme available in the plan also provides an avenue for passive income. In this regard, the participant’s video will be minted into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which is then sold on the global platform as digital assets.

The registration closing date of the competition is extended to 21 July 2023. For more information on MsMA 2023 Competition and various ways you can participate, kindly visit www.millionaireasia.com

Follow Millionaireasia on Instagram via @millionaireasia.sg

Photos by Raymond Lai

Bon Zainal speech to charge-up the participants

Francisca Luhong James, Nina Erlina, Dada Herzog Alattas, Yasmin Khalid

Valerina Aren Alfred, Hafsa Munir, Francisca Luhong James

Sheena Noor

Rasta Rashid

Sara Jamaludin

Participants enjoying the high-tea session

Ziha Salleh, Sheena Noor

Helis Muda, Hafsa Munir, Rasta Rashid, Syed Ali

Peter Tan flanked by GC Co-Founders Bon Zainal and Raja Izz

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