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Luminaries shine at the Bernard Chandran 30 Years in Malay Contemporary Fashion Event

The exclusive event was a testament to Bernard Chandran's three-decade-long journey of creativity and innovation in the fashion industry.

By Lifestyle Editor

Amelia Henderson

Photographer: km.studioworkz


On the evening of July 4, 2024, the world of fashion converged at an exclusive event to celebrate "30 Years of Bernard Chandran" in Malay contemporary wear. Held at Fahrenheit88, the event was a dazzling showcase of Chandran's revolutionary contributions to the fashion industry, featuring his iconic designs and latest creations. The celebration was graced by luminaries from the arts, entertainment, sports, and fashion industries, each donning Bernard Chandran’s archival pieces, highlighting his lasting influence and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Amelia Henderson

Farah Ann Abdul Hadi

Kavita Sidhu & Roberto Guiati

Lesleyy Cheam

Yung Raja & Partner

Datin Elvina Mohamad

Colleen Augustin, Bront Palarae

Anuar Zain

Ziana Zain

Eryna Su

Azrel Ismail

Roshan Valiram, Nazreem Musa

The Event

The Bernard Chandran 30 Years in Malay Contemporary Fashion event was more than just a celebration of his past achievements; it was a testament to his ongoing influence and visionary approach. Chandran’s ability to reimagine traditional Malay attire, such as the Baju Melayu and kebaya, has not only elevated the status of Malay contemporary fashion locally but also garnered international acclaim.

Throughout the evening, attendees were treated to a retrospective fashion show that journeyed through three decades of Chandran’s work. Each piece on display was a testament to his innovative spirit and dedication to his craft. The show culminated in a showcase of Chandran’s latest designs, which seamlessly blend tradition with modernity, pushing the boundaries of contemporary fashion while honoring Malaysian heritage.

Bernard Chandran


A Lasting Legacy

Bernard Chandran’s 30 Years in Malay Contemporary Fashion Event was more than a celebration; it was a recognition of a legacy that has transformed Malay fashion. His work continues to inspire designers and fashion enthusiasts to embrace their culture and creativity boldly. The event was a fitting tribute to a designer who has not only elevated Malay contemporary fashion but also carved a niche for it on the global stage.

As the evening concluded, it was clear that Bernard Chandran’s influence would continue to shape the future of fashion. His ability to blend tradition with innovation ensures that his designs remain timeless, inspiring generations to come.

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