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Local designers shine the runway during MY Gaya Month showcase

20 local designer brands heat up the runway by showing off their collections catered for both local and international markets.

By Lifestyle Editor

The month-long fashion phenomenon, MY Gaya Month reached its highlight on the 15th and 16th October as the two-day fashion runway that was held at Fahrenheit 88 featured the sparkling creations of 20 local designer brands that showcased and highlighted the local rooting and innovative creativity of Malaysian products. 

MY Gaya Month is a month-long campaign that is curated in conjunction with Kempen Beli Barangan Malaysia (KBBM) that was launched by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP). The campaign is meant to create awareness on the quality of local products to compete with international brands, encouraging the sale of local products for national sustainability, while also creating new job opportunities at the same time.

Throughout the duration of MY Gaya Month, the event is divided into 3 parts namely brand emporiums to showcase all 20 participating brands, forum (panel discussion) and fashion runways (showcase). Over the weekend, the last and final segment of this campaign, which is the two-day fashion runways, took place at Fahrenheit88 featuring the following 20 local designer brands:

AD Fashion & Style
Anas Abdullah
HOOR x S.Ash
Huda Hassan
Masterpiece by Masrina Abdullah
Maswira Majid
Nusantara Touch
Three Little Ahmads

The showcase within these two days is crucial to demonstrate the immense talent that our local designers possess in capturing the interest and attention of Malaysian fashion enthusiasts. This will further solidify the potential of gaining support for local products in comparison to international brands,” said YBhg. Dato' Rohaizi Bin Bahari, Senior Director of Distributive Trade and Business Sector, KPDNHEP.

On each day of the two-day showcase, there were 3 sessions that featured 3 to 4 separate designer brands for each session. Among the brands that were highlighted includes Masterpiece by Masrina Abdullah, a brand that aspires to capture the interest of batik lovers and appreciators, focusing on elegant simplicity, flowy & comfy patterns.

Apart from that, Three Little Ahmads is a children’s label that specialises in reversible and adaptive apparel for able-bodied children and adults, featuring designs that are functional and practical. Meanwhile, Rebel - founded by now-16 year old designer Ashlyn Nisha Gurupatham - is a non-profit social enterprise that’s meant to provide teenagers with a way to express themselves more freely.

Picture: Rasta Rashid, President of MBDA

We at MBDA curated this campaign with the ambition to further elevate the Malaysian fashion industry and encourage the interest for local products, which ultimately will drive the ecosystem to be more supportive within the country and beyond. Many of us are already aware of the uniqueness of our craft, heritage and culture but not many would go above and beyond to choose local products over international brands,” said MBDA president, Rasta Rashid.

Therefore, one cannot learn to love Malaysian-made products and support awareness campaigns if they don’t know why they need to support it. Our aim is to ensure that despite this being a one month campaign, the love for Malaysian made products continues long after this time period and is constantly instilled amongst all Malaysians,” she added.

To learn more about MY Gaya Month, the designers and collections, you can click here or visit www.mbdamalaysia.com/my-gaya-month.

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