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GC x Havana Club KL: Smoke with Style

Friends of GC were treated with world-class cigar session by Havana Club and series of menswear talks by Bon Zainal.

By Lifestyle Editor

Thursday night in Havana Club, Eastin Hotel PJ was all about the gentleman's lifestyle - cigar rolling and the menswear fashion show by Bon Zainal. Some 50 guests consisting of aristocrats, politician, corporate leaders, businessman, real estate consultants, actors, fashion stylists and designers braved the rain and traffic to be there; their efforts paid off when they enjoyed the world-class cuban cigar roping in beautiful model's for the runaway fashion show, amping up the party fever and delighting all the guests present.

Mr. Steven How, CEO of Havana Club Group welcomed the guests to the world of premium cigar as part of gentleman's lifestyle. Bon Zainal followed up with the menswear talk for gentleman; namely the impact of handkerchief (pocket square) to complement the gentleman's style, proper dress shoes to anchor the suit looks, and to always button up when wearing a double-breasted suit.  

The night was one climax after another, because as soon as guests thought the cigar rolling demonstration by  Mr. Jose Miguel Gonzalez signalled the end of the launch, they were surprised with the reveal of the  female models wearing the menswear clothing,  showcasing Bon Zainal's finely tailored embroidered jackets and blazers, which was met with captivated looks from the audience.

Three pre-requisites of gentlemen style; pocket square, a proper dress shoes, and always button up when wearing a double-breasted suit.  

Bon Zainal

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