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Extraordinary moments with the Glenfiddich Grand Series

Glenfiddich celebrates the unexpected marriage of luxury and tradition with three crafted expressions.

By Lifestyle Editor

In true Maverick spirit, Glenfiddich, the World's Most Awarded Single Malt Scotch Whisky pushes the status quo, elevating ordinary celebration moments to extraordinary ones with the launch of its newest range, the Glenfiddich Grand Series. Each imbued with intriguing and indulgent finishes, the Gran Reserva, Grand Cru, and Grande Couronne are a beautifully disruptive series of single malts that oozes opulence and is designed to elevate occasions and celebratory moments in a whole new way.

An unexpected marriage of luxury and tradition, the Grand Series is the embodiment of elevated luxury, opulence and promises pleasure with every sip, to elevate your most special occasions.

The Perfect Spirits to celebrate with Gran Reserva: Raised in Scotland. Roused by the Carribean

Adding an indulgent finishing touch to any moment, the Gran Reserva transforms the uncommon into the unequalled. Every occasion deserves a celebration – toast to personal triumphs in barefoot luxurious fashion and savour the very best of Scotland and the Caribbean with golden hour in a bottle.

Encased in a vibrant, deep amber packaging and reminiscent of the warm hues of beach sunsets complete with Caribbean-inspired illustrations, the Gran Reserva is a blend of tradition and rebellion.

Grand Cru: The finest flavours from Scotland and Francefused through the art of experimentation

The Grand Cru is as far from ordinary as whiskies come. Daring and unexpected, this is an expression that redefines moments of celebration with true luxury and elegance. Matured for 23 years in hand-selected oak casks, the exceptional liquid is finished in rare French cuvée casks for six months–the first and only Glenfiddich expression to be finished in such casks. Corked in a bottle of black glass embellished with gold foil, its lavish exterior offers hints of the indulgence that awaits. A true testament of craftsmanship, this masterpiece of whisky-making exudes elegance on the nose while bringing sophisticated richness to the palate; an impeccable accessory for any social event of the season.

Grande Couronne: The crowning glory to your celebrations.

The crowning glory to any occasion and the epitome of true opulence is the Grande Couronne. Its veryname, meaning crown in French, seals the promise of the pleasure to come; the pinnacle of the night’s revelry. Setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration, this rich and regal whisky is aged for 26 years before receiving an extended finish of up to two years in rare French cognac casks, painstakingly sourcedin limited quantities. Unveiling exquisite layers ofsweet toasted oak and velvety aromas, the Grande Couronne is the piece de resistance of the Glenfiddich Grand Series.

Secured with a 26-sided gold closure and adorned with gold filigree, each bottle holds the key to unparalleled magnificence, nestled in beautiful packaging embellished with fresco artwork. Designed to impress at the most important of occasions, the Grande Couronne is single malt ascended.

At Glenfiddich, we believe that grand occasions deserve grand celebrations. Combining a time-honoured vision with the maverick spirit and determination to blaze new trails, the Glenfiddich Grand Series is a celebration of the extraordinary. From unexpected caskfinishes of Caribbean rum to French cuvée and cognac casks, the Grand Series showcases our ability to experiment with aged liquid and intriguing finishes.

Brett Bayly,Southeast Asia Brand Ambassador for Glenfiddich

A Grand Occasion deserving of the Unveiling of Grand Series The Grand Series were launched at The Glenfiddich Grand Gala, an immersive exhibit and degustation dinner and tasting, during which guests were beckoned to embark on a sensorial journey to unveil the sensibilities of the three expressions through sight, sound and taste.

The Grand Series were each revealed against a backdrop unique to the expressions’ own representation of luxury:

●The Gran Reserva,an indulgent finishing touch to any celebration occasion—was presented ina lush and exotic, but laid-back luxurious setting.

●The Grand Cru was unveiled in a sparkling scene dripping in black and gold to suggest that this exceptional expression will elevate any iconic celebrations without exception.

●The epitome of French opulence, the Grande Couronne was debuted in a stately and filigreed surroundings to imply that the expression most certainly will be the pinnacle of any formal revelry.

Bringing to life the grandeur of the three distinct expressions, the ensuing three-course degustation dinner developed by Head Chef Lroy Lim of Willow Kuala Lumpur, whose culinary prowess is honed by his many years in the kitchens of Michelin-starred restaurants under the tutelage of their equally celebrated chefs. Tasting alongside the exceptional liquids, menu served is as follows:

●Complementing the Gran Reserva, the first course is a foie gras terrine, mango, aged balsamic,and kaffir lime served on white plate with a smoke-filmed glass dome—an exotically warm start tothe gastronomic journey ahead.

●The Grand Cru’s dish of Pan-seared Hokkaido Scallopis served alongside a finishing perfume of sansho pepper oil and apple, made for an experimental and elegant second course.

●The final course, paired with the Grande Couronne is the Roasted Irish Duck,a Duck à l'Orange with a modern twist that is plated on a gold-rimmed, glass stage.

●The Grand Cru makes another appearance to complete the dessert service; an elegant finish of Capitol Chocolate & Comice Pear dessert with hints of indigeneous gula apong and oolong tea; served with table side service of liquid nitrogen snow.

The Glenfiddich Gran Reserva, Grand Cru and Grande Couronne will be available for purchase at Wholly Spirits Retail, WW Warehouse, WL Wine Warehouse and The Chamber from 1 July 2022 onwards.

About William Grant & Sons

William Grant & Sons, Ltd. are an independent family-owned distiller headquartered in the United Kingdomand founded by William Grant in 1887. Today, the luxury spirits company is run by the fifth generation of his family and distils some of the world's leading brands of Scotch whisky, including the world's mostawarded single malt Glenfiddich®, The Balvenie® range of handcrafted single malts, and the world’s thirdlargest blended Scotch, Grant’s®, as well as other iconic spirits brands such as the delicious super premiumHendrick’s® Gin, Sailor Jerry®, Tullamore D.E.W.® Irish Whiskey, Monkey Shoulder® and Drambuie®,Reyka® Vodka and Milagro® Tequila. Click onwww.williamgrant.com for more information on the Company and its brands.

About Glenfiddich

Founded in Dufftown, Scotland by innovator William Grant, Glenfiddich first ran from the stills on ChristmasDay, 1887. Adopting revolutionary methods and practices Grant’s maverick attitude to whisky production saw Glenfiddich excel for over a hundred and thirty years, becoming the first single malt whisky to bepromoted outside of Scotland, and ultimately, the best-selling and most awarded single malt whisky in theworld. While Glenfiddich is now sold in over 180 countries across the world, the brand is one of the few single malt distilleries to remain entirely family-owned and is still produced in the same distillery which William Grant and his children hand-built.

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