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EMRI Vision Unveils EMERGY, a ready-to-wear collection showcased at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Kuala Lumpur

Emri absorbed the spirit of rebellion and individuality, a sentiment that now echo throughout the EMERGY Collection. 

By Lifestyle Editor

Photos courtesy of EMRI Vision

EMRI Vision, the Malaysian fashion brand founded by Emran Rijal, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of their EMERGY Collection, the fourth collection from the brand at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Kuala Lumpur 2023 (MBFWKL).

This collection showcased Emri's creative sparks and a tribute to their upbringing in Kuala Lumpur, where vibrant street culture and skateboarding amidst graffiti-covered walls ignited their creative spark. Alongside Space Records and Asmidar, renowned for their captivating soundscapes and boundary-pushing live musical performances, brings a new dimension to EMRI Vision's fashion show. Their experimental approach to music aligns with EMRI Vision's vision of breaking down barriers and redefining fashion norms. 

Growing up in Kuala Lumpur, Emri was captivated by the energy and raw beauty of the city's street art scene. Every corner, every alleyway was adorned with bursts of color and thought-provoking murals, a testament to the vibrant artistic expression that permeated the city's core. Skateboarding through these streets, Emri absorbed the spirit of rebellion and individuality, a sentiment that now echo throughout the EMERGY Collection. 

Emri was the youngest designer to close the opening day of MBFWKL

Kuala Lumpur has shaped me as a designer, and the EMERGY Collection is a reflection of my personal journey,the color palette for the EMERGY Collection is a deliberate choice to evoke different emotions and create a captivating visual journey. Each color represents a distinct phase in the collection, inviting wearers to explore their own personal transformation through fashion. From the freshness of green to the sophistication of black, this collection celebrates individuality and empowers individuals to express themselves authentically Emri passionately shares. "Through this collection, I aim to capture the spirit of the streets, the vibrant energy, and the limitless creativity that inspired me. EMERGY represents the fusion of sustainability, empowerment, and self-expression, allowing each individual to embrace their true selves and leave a positive impact on the world.

Emran Rijal, Founder & Creative Director of EMRI Vision

Emri's meticulous attention to detail is evident in each ready-to-wear piece. From the deconstructed and reconstructed garments to the textures and drape knit techniques, every design reflects Emri's dedication to innovation and reinvention. The result is a collection that embraces individuality and challenges conventions, inspiring wearers to step into their power and make a statement. For this collection, Emri sought to channel their passion for street art by incorporating spray paints as a performative element. The hand-painted spray-on tops in the EMERGY Collection are a direct reflection of Emri's personal journey, where each stroke of the spray can represents a burst of creativity and a desire to challenge artistic boundaries. Through these pieces, Emri invites wearers to become walking works of art, effortlessly merging fashion and street culture.

EMRI Vision highlighted the theme of Sustainability in motion

However, Emri's creative vision goes beyond aesthetics. Sustainability lies at the core of the EMERGY Collection, as Emri draws from their deep-rooted connection to the environment. By carefully selecting eco-conscious suppliers, Emri ensures that each garment in the collection is a conscious choice, aligning fashion with a greater purpose of preserving our planet for future generations in producing limited quantities.

By making conscious fashion choices, wearers can contribute to a positive impact on the planet. For his first debut at Mercedes Benz Fashion week KL, Emri was supported by brands from Mac Cosmetics & Kimarie hair dressing as backstage beauty team together with Aglow Clinic as their support. Accessories are from Braun Buffel, Ek Collectio, Edmond Looi & Megat Sharezman.

Emri invites wearers to become walking works of art, effortlessly merging fashion and street culture

EMRI Vision full Ready-to-Wear (RTW) collection will be available at The Melium Group store, specifically in the M Store Lab, by the end of July.

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