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Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda exhibition will be launching in Milan and then tour worldwide

The exhibition will celebrate the fashion house as a symbol of Italian glamour, exploring its approach to unconventional luxury.

By Lifestyle Editor

Photo courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana

‘From the Heart to the Hands: Dolce&Gabbana’ will bring together the fashion house’s one-of-a-kind  creations for the very first time. The exhibition will be an open love letter to Italian culture as the enduring  inspiration for Dolce&Gabbana’s fashion designs, tracing the extraordinary translation of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana ideas, from the heart through to their realization, by hand.  

The exhibition, which will launch in Milan and then tour worldwide, will celebrate the fashion house as  a symbol of Italian glamour, exploring its approach to unconventional luxury – elegant, sensual and  unique, yet humorous, irreverent, and subversive.  

 Photos courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana

Our goal is to stimulate the pursuit of Beauty, because this ideal makes you dream, makes you grow, takes you to a higher  feeling. We will never cease to tell stories of the pure love for Beauty generated by the human touch: beautiful things must be  preserved, nurtured, cultivated. Our greatest joy is to be able to share this concept with the new generations, so that they are  able to see in the Mestieri D’Arte (artistic crafts) an alternative, an antidote to banality and to homologation, and they can learn to marvel when faced with the creativity and mastery enclosed not only in the final product, but throughout the entire  process: it’s not only the artefact that counts, you need to be inspired by the entire story behind it.  

From the Heart to the Hands. Why did we choose this title? Fashion, like any other art form, is a journey from the heart,  from which ideas are born, to the hands, the tools through which they take form. This exhibition follows the same path: it  traces the places in our heart, the ones touched by the Grand Tour that is the Alta Moda, focusing on human touch, on the  Fatto a Mano, the handmade. From Taormina to Venice, passing through Naples, Florence and Como… a travelling  dream to discover the most authentic Italianity. Italy is a small country, but it is beautiful and unique thanks to its priceless  traditions and excellences. We wanted to express everything we have learned throughout the years, the mastery of the artisans  we have met, the new techniques we have discovered, the Italian Bello e Ben Fatto (the Beautiful and the Well Made) so  that nothing gets lost. 

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

 Photos courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana

The archive and new collections will be displayed in a series of themes highlighting the many layers of  Italian cultural influences at work in their approach to fashion design – these include art, architecture,  artisanal craft, ballet, cities and their regional topography, music, opera, popular traditions, theatre and of  course – “la dolce vita”. 

‘From the Heart to the Hands: Dolce&Gabbana’ invites visitors to immerse themselves in the  Dolce&Gabbana universe through a double journey: on the one hand the sources of inspiration of the  two Designers rooted in their passion for Italian culture, on the other their devotion to ancient crafts and  traditional artisanal techniques interpreted in a contemporary key. 

Through spectacular immersive installations, the exhibition focuses on the different worlds that  contributed to the essence of Dolce&Gabbana. The exhibition will also be preceded, at the entrance and  grand staircase of Palazzo Reale in Milan, by a series of digital artworks created by contemporary visual  artists (Felice Limosani, Obvious Art, Alberto Maria Colombo, Quayola, Vittorio Bonapace and  Catelloo). 

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